SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – With the flu season upon us and the delta variant continuing to make people sick, it might be hard for people feeling under the weather to distinguish between the flu, the original COVID-19 strain, and the delta variant.

First off, if you have COVID, it’s most likely the delta variant, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The delta strain is now the dominant strain of COVID-19 in America. The original COVID-19 strain that started the pandemic is no longer being detected.

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Regarding symptoms, last year, COVID-19 looked a lot like the flu, say health experts. Now, the COVID-19 cases — at least the milder ones — can look similar to a common cold or seasonal allergies.

“Delta is a little different in terms of symptoms,” says Jeffrey Silvers, M.D., medical director of infection control at Sutter Health. “Although loss of taste and/or smell without nasal congestion still strongly suggests COVID, it’s less common with the delta variant. A runny nose is more common with delta – add a sore throat and it can more easily be confused with allergies or a common cold.”

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Unlike the original COVID-19 strain, the delta variant also has a shorter incubation period of about four days, compared to 5.6 days for the original virus, according to Sutter Health.

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Sutter Health has provided a chart detailing the symptoms of respiratory illnesses. You can also check the CDC’s website for a complete list of COVID-19 symptoms.