By Renée Santos

DAVIS (CBS13) – A smash and grab startled customers inside a Davis CVS Pharmacy over the weekend.

Police say four suspects went inside the store. Two headed straight to the back, the other two went to the beauty section and grabbed at least $2,000 worth of products. Police say the suspects stuffed whatever they could inside duffle bags and took off.

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The crime has some shoppers wondering why anyone would steal from a store while so many people are present.

“I feel bad for the other ones too that are dumb enough to do something like that,” said Rick JoJo.

According to the Davis Police Department, officers got a call about a robbery at a Rite Aid where, according to witnesses, the suspect was heard physically threatening customers with a knife.

Police were able to arrest Anthony Wallace, 24, who is accused of taking $500 in tobacco products and alcohol.

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And on Saturday, officers responded to a Safeway after two suspects stole $1,900 worth of alcohol.

So, what’s behind the weekend rash of crime? Right now, police can’t say for certain but say they do see a rise in these kinds of cases around the holidays.

Meantime, people like Mckenna Moon are surprised to hear about the recent crimes.

“You’re just in a hurry. Everybody is busy. You are not really thinking about all that stuff and I guess that’s when you are most vulnerable,” she said.

UC Davis was also hit by thieves. UC Davis campus police say suspects stole trucks, welding equipment and tools. They say the suspect broke in by ramming fences down.

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So far, one truck has been recovered.