By Marlee Ginter

FOLSOM (CBS13) – It might just be the biggest news of the day. It’s snowing in Folsom. Well, kind of. A pretty impressive winter wonderland set up by one young man is drawing crowds to 1510 Thurman Way.

But the sounds of pure joy with kids having snowball fights didn’t come without a lot of hard work.

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“Used some high ladders to get up there. Actually, used a scissor lift to get up there a couple times,” said 20-year-old Tyler Pepper.

Pepper draped dozens of strands of lights across his street. They’re each 50 feet long and that’s not including the lights covering his house.

“Just do the math and that’s already about 1,000 feet or so,” said Pepper. “It is a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it.”

Pepper didn’t hesitate putting together the massive winter wonderland, snow and all, for his community to enjoy.

“It’s awesome. The kids have been having the best time,” said Jenna Mejia.

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Kim Stewart lives across the street. She’s not surprised by all the pomp and circumstance. She says Pepper is always up to something massive and fun for the neighborhood.

“He’s up on super tall ladders stringing all these lights,” said Steward. “It’s kind of fun to see him out here making our street look festive. It’s a lot of fun.”

Stewart says Pepper is always willing to help others. So it’s no surprise it took him months to set up this winter wonderland.  He even posted a promotional video with his neighbors to post on social media so he could draw out more people and more donations to go toward charity. He’s giving 50% to Folsom’s Hope and the other 50% to community outreach, including pay-it-forward acts of kindness.

“It just goes to show what type of character he has. It’s good to see, especially for a young kid,” said Omar Mejia.

While it’s easy to get distracted in all the holiday excitement, the focus behind it for Pepper, is pretty clear.

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“Spread Christmas cheer. You know, the last few years have been really tough on people. And some people have just lost the meaning of hope and of joy,” said Pepper.