By Renée Santos

SACRAMENTO(CBS13)- Police haven’t identified a suspect who’s accused of a deadly shooting in Midtown.

“This young man was only 18 years old and we don’t necessarily know if he was the target, we just know a gun went off,” said Berry Accius.

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Berry Accius with Voice Of The Youth knows the family of the 18-year-old gunned down near 20th and K streets Friday night.

He held a relative of the teen killed as she broke down in the middle of the street Saturday evening, just feet away from where her loved one died.

Berry says the young man had just attended a funeral hours before the deadly incident.

“You’re paying respects for one person and then you turn around and now your family has to plan a funeral for you,” he said.

“We had a bunch of people run over they came into our bar,” said Felipe Gutierrez, who works in the area. “It’s definitely frightening, unfortunately, it’s a common thing now.”

Sacramento police responded to the area just before 11 p.m. found the victim in the street and tried to help but the 18-year-old died at the scene.

Right now, detectives are still investigating a motive but say it is believed there was some sort of disturbance between two groups that escalated into someone pulling out a gun and firing.

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“For the fact that his family lost a family member, there are friends that lost a friend,” said Sam Paris who also works nearby.

He points out an uptick in violence.

“Someone did actually shoot someone in the leg in another nearby bar and then another time in the past month or so someone had pulled a knife at another bar,” he explained.

In April near 21st Street and l, two men were shot outside a bar, one later died.

And in May a man was left in critical condition after getting shot in the area of I and 19th streets.

Berry says youth violence is at an extreme level and says more needs to be done to stop it.

“Hearing the screams of a mom and a grandmother and watching brothers and other siblings crying and just falling out it’s never going to be normal to me,” he said.

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Sacramento police are increasing their presence following the deadly shooting.  As for an official ID of the victim, the coroner’s office has not released that information.