By Madisen Keavy

UPDATE: Carol’s Market says it has sold out of the food prepared for the canceled catering order.

NEWCASTLE (CBS13) — An order of tri-tip, brisket, ribs, and sides that would feed 350 people at a company holiday party was set to be one of the largest orders Carol’s Market has fulfilled since the pandemic began — but before the food was delivered, the order was canceled.

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The team had a few hours warning before they made the first delivery, of two, that they would no longer be paid for the days of labor or cost of the food. The losses totaled $7,000 and the leftover food, still ready to eat, was set to go to waste.

“It’s not just throw meat on the BBQ, it’s a lengthy process,” said Cameren Lichty, the Assistant Manager at Carol’s Market in Newcastle.

Lichty said there were 40 racks of ribs cooked, along with dozens of side dishes and multiple types of meat, including chicken. Extra employees were brought in to fulfill the order and one even worked overnight to ensure the food was ready for the early morning delivery.

Then, the phone call. Lichty said they were the last to know their services and their catering was no longer needed.

“Within hours of the first order being scheduled, they called us and canceled the order and we were told they had forgotten to call us prior to this,” said Lichty.

What happened next, Lichty said, is why she wanted to share the story of the cancelation without naming the company responsible. She wanted the focus to be on the community who stepped up all because of posts they saw on social media. It was a call to action.

“Well it sucks, we’re already struggling in a pandemic to survive, especially small businesses like this. So we know without that big order its going to make a huge difference to them,” said Stephanie Baroni, a customer who came to Carol’s Market on Thursday to buy some of the ribs prepared for the order that was canceled.

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Another customer: “Everybody knows Carol’s.”

That sentiment is why, Lichty believes, they’ve been busy for two days since news spread that they had hundreds of pounds of food and nowhere to take it.

“The emotions have been overwhelming with the amount of support we’ve had from the community,” said Lichty.

An anonymous loyal customer posted to multiple area groups on Facebook, and privately contacted the manager of Carol’s to let her know what she did, so they could prepare for the phone calls that continue to pour in.

There is still food left, and more was made fresh on Thursday to keep up with the demand from the community to come in and support by buying what was left so it wouldn’t go to waste, and more importantly to them, so Carol’s Market employees would be paid.

“We were excited that we would be able to not only not waste this food, but provide it to people for their gatherings,” said Lichty.

Lichty insisted she would not name the company responsible for the cancelation and said it was a “large local business” that was more like a warehouse. She did, however, have a message for the company.

“Communication is really something that needs to be done. Moving forward, there will be deposits taken. Fulfilling your commitment when you place an order, we’re a small mom and pop store, so something like this would be devastating. We’re lucky we’re able to deal with it this way,” Lichty said.

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As of Thursday afternoon Carol’s Market still had prepared food available for sale, but Lichty recommends calling the store before pick-up to reserve items before they run out. Carol’s Market can be reached at (916) 663-2120