POLLOCK PINES (CBS13) — With the record snowfall comes the reality: it needs to move. So Pollock Pines neighbors are helping each other dig out.

Austin Merick and his roommate Garrett were in front of Bob and Carol Velek’s home on Thursday, using a skid-steer to plow snow.

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“I just do it to keep the neighborhood positive,” said Merick.

They take turns.

“I have just been driving around,” said Garrett.

City and county crews are doing what they can to clear area roadways.

“The snow plow can’t make it down there because the tree is laying over the power lines,” said Terry Lake, another Pollock Pines resident.

Tens of thousands are still without power amidst sub-freezing temperatures. They have to drive to find fuel for their generators.

Several nearby gas stations were stocked up.

“We’re able to buy gas. That’s good,” said Lake.

But Lake heard it might be another week before power is restored.

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“I wouldn’t say good. They got a lot to do,” said Lake.

The Pollock Pines Safeway has become a beacon of light for those in the dark. It’s stayed open around the clock since Christmas.

“We’re just trying to get something easy to cook. It sucks with no power; a lot of BBQing,” said one amn with his wife and toddler parked in front of the Safeway.

Locals say it’s been a crazy week, with a lot of out of towners straining resources.

“There was packs of cars coming up here thinking they could get to Tahoe, and the whole neighborhood gets a little angry at them,” said Garrett.

But those who live here stayed put and were prepared.

“The generator is running. We’re staying warm,” said resident Steve McCoy. “We got a wood stove, we are at 77 degrees inside the house.”

Austin and Garrett were happy to pitch in and help their neighbors.

“This neighborhood is pretty nice. They all check up on each other,” said Garrett.

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PG&E says around 47,000 customers were still without power in the Sierra as of Wednesday.