By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The newest animal up for adoption at the Sacramento SPCA may be a record-breaker. In fact, he weighs more than any of the shelter volunteers.

We met this big dog and learned a bit of what people need to know about adopting plus-sized pooches.

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Dom is a Bullmastiff mix that was brought into the Sacramento SPCA as a stray.

Big may be an understatement. A Chihuahua typically weighs about six pounds. A Border Collie is usually 45 pounds.

So just how big is Dom?

“He’s a solid 185 pounds,” one Sacramento SPCA worker said.

But Dom’s super size doesn’t mean he’s not a good boy.

“He is probably the coolest dog you will ever meet, even though he’s bigger than I am,” an SPCA worker said.

So what is the difference between owning small and large dogs?

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“We think of smaller dogs as being more energetic, perhaps even more tightly wound than larger dogs, so the larger dogs do tend to be slightly more couch potatoes,” said Dr. Liz Stelow with UC Davis Veterinary Medicine.

And heavyweight hounds like Dom often have a hard time finding forever homes.

“It is the population that shelters often have the hardest times adopting out,” Foster said.

That’s why Sacramento’s SPCA is currently running a 30-for-30 promotion, reducing adoption fees to $30 for any dog over 30 pounds — that’s $80 off the normal price.

“It has been a very successful promotion,” Foster said. “We have seen lots of dogs find homes.”

So now this plus-sized pooch is just waiting for the right family to take him home.

“He’s just a big sweetheart,” Foster said.

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Dom, who the Sacramento SPCA believes is around 6-years old, goes up for adoption Friday. So rent a U-Haul or borrow a friend’s truck to bring him home.