By Marlee Ginter

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Let the trash talking begin. Whether you bleed red and gold or blue and gold, football fans will be screaming at the television this weekend.

“I’m gonna be chilling in the living room, barbecuing away from everything. I’ve got to sit down and watch the game. I got to focus on it,” said 49ers fan Anthony Haro.

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It’s a longtime rivalry for the only two teams that have been a part of the NFC West since it started in 1970. Now, for the first time since the 49ers blowout beating of the Rams 30-3 in 1989, the two teams go head to head in only their second NFC Championship Game matchup.

“Niners fans are all losers. Super losers,” said Rams fan Deon Ransom.

“Hey, Los Angeles has nothing on San Francisco, nothing at all. Bye bye,” said 49ers fan Jordan Bellfort.

Public House Downtown General Manager Calvin Lam says every TV in the bar will be turned to the big game.

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“Definitely. There’s not going to be any other game more important,” said Lam. “We probably have the coldest beer in town.  Food is great but the atmosphere is going to be awesome.”

Bars have been gearing up for the big crowds. Some managers told CBS13 they’ve double-stocked on everything after running out of items last weekend.

“We’ll definitely be more prepared with staffing. We’ll be more prepped. We’ll probably be busier, like double or triple than usual,” said Lam.

Big crowds are seeing who can talk the biggest smack, but all in good fun.

“I absolutely love the rivalry. You’ve got NorCal versus SoCal but there’s nothing like Northern California, that’s for sure,” said Bellfort.

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The San Francisco 49ers will take on the Los Angeles Rams Sunday at 3:30.