ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Police are looking for a group of suspects they say robbed a Roseville Galleria jewelry store and terrorized customers inside of the mall.

A crew of ten suspects flooded out of a Roseville Galleria following the robbery.

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“It was really terrifying watching all employees. They had their hands up,” said a worker from a nearby shop.

The worker watched as the group, armed with guns and sledgehammers, raided Valliani jewelers and terrorized its employees and customers.

She shared video with CBS13 hoping it would help the police.

“They had sledgehammers, they were breaking the glass, watching the employees after the fact. They were really shaken up,” the worker said.

Roseville police say at least ten people targeted the store, smashing cases and taking thousands of dollars in inventory before jumping into getaway cars that weren’t hard to miss.

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Roseville police spokesperson Rob Baquera says they drove off in a bright orange Dodge Charger.

“We’re looking for the public’s help on any information available,” Baquera said.

If the suspects are caught, charges will likely be more significant than most robberies. Baquera says that’s because it was a group effort.

“There’s a number of charges they could face. Organized retail crime theft is certainly one. They obviously worked in a coordinated fashion to hit this store,” Baquera said.

Roseville police say this crime has become the department’s number one priority.

“We don’t have crime like this happen a lot in our community, so we do move our resources to follow up on every single lead,” Baquera said.

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The suspects have not been caught. Police are asking witnesses to come forward with helpful information.