By Marlee Ginter

ORANGEVALE (CBS13) – There’s clearly a lot of love for one Marine, now living in his own home specially made for him and his needs. For the first time in three years, Marine Chief Warrant Officer 3 David Field was able to look in a mirror designed for his height.

After serving for more than two decades, he’s made sacrifices that could never be fully repaid.
But one group went above and beyond to show him it wasn’t for nothing.

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“Again breathtaking. Amazing. I have so much gratitude,” Field said.

He never imagined he’d live in a custom-made home designed to make his life a lot easier and more enjoyable.

“I’ve hit walls, I’ve hit doors, I’ve marked up everything. I’ve banged up my arm trying to get through a door,” said Field.

That won’t happen inside his new home. National nonprofit, Homes For Our Troops, donated a home with more than 40 major adaptations like widened doorways, pulldown shelving, and even lower windows that he can see out of.

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“So having a house that is completely level, no bumps, nothing that I have to maneuver over is again, breathtaking,” said Field.

Field served with the Marines for 22 years, but it wasn’t until two years after he retired that he started experiencing mobility issues. His exposure to chemicals during the Iraq invasion in 2003 had led to ALS which is now confining him to a wheelchair.

“So what this is doing for David is restoring that freedom and independence he lost and sacrificed while defending our freedom and independence in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Bill Ivey, Homes For Our Troops Executive Director.

“I cry out of joy for the love that’s been given our son for all the years he’s served, he’s now been served,” said Field’s mom Susan.

“I mean the thought that they put into this building is just way above and beyond what I would have ever thought of,” said David.

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David’s home is actually the 328th home donated to veterans in 42 states by Homes For Our Troops.  The organization has various ways to help injured veterans listed on its website.