By Laura Haefeli

MARYSVILLE (CBS13) – Pixar’s newest animated movie, “Turning Red,” is a coming-of-age story about a teenager choosing between her desire to please her family and spending time with her friends.

The teen is growing up in Toronto’s Chinese community and helping her mother take care of their local temple.

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The movie’s filmmakers took a trip to Marysville, Calif., to find inspiration for the film.

“Any exposure’s awesome,” said Jon Lim, president of Marysville Chinese Community.

Lim watched the film with his two children.

“Representation is, oh my goodness, that’s very important because if it’s not passed on it gets lost,” he said. “They relate to Pixar much better than they do to Dad.”

Culture is not the only link between the Lim family and Pixar’s newest movie. The Lims’ local Marysville Temple, Bok Kai, was used as inspiration for the film.

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“It is cool!” Lim said. “It’s Disney Pixar and they gave us a shoutout. We’re actually credited in the credits, too.”

Bok Kai Temple has existed in Marysville since the late 1800s, and now, the most famous animation studio is exposing it to the world.

“They loved it,” said Bok Kai Caretaker Helyn Soon.

Soon said Pixar creators visited the temple Back in 2019.

“They liked it. They came here, [and we] gave them all the history of the temple,” she said, who gave CBS13 a similar tour.

Soon was proud the temple is being used to inspire so many others. Her family has cared for it for 40 years.

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“Bok Kai Temple is the pride of Marysville, really. We’re really excited,” she said.