STOCKTON (CBS13) — A hero was killed in his final act of saving his own family. Tyrone Deloney is being remembered for paying the ultimate price and standing up to a gunman in a home invasion in Stockton.

That gunman also allegedly shot his mother and pistol-whipped his 9-year-old niece during the deadly encounter.

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Loved ones held a candlelight memorial for Deloney just outside the apartment where he was shot to death. The 32-year-old was known as “Ty-Ty.”

Neighbor Jessica Moore says she considered Deloney like a brother,and that he was loved by many.

“Ty-Ty was a hero,” Moore said. “He always cared about the kids, his family, and he died trying to save the kids.”

CBS13 has video of the crime scene Tuesday night. Moore was there and saw the gunman in the apartment parking lot moments after the shooting, not realizing the heinous crime he just committed.

“And I pulled back up to the house, the kids were screaming,” Moore said. “I went inside, I just seen everything — it was really bad. It was really, really bad.”

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Police arrested Frederick Westley after the deadly attack. Police say he forced his way into the family’s Marsh Street apartment with Deloney’s nieces and nephews inside — an 18-year-old, 12-year-old, 10-year-old and 9-year-old.

Westley allegedly pistol-whipped the youngest child. And when one of them called their grandmother for help, she arrived with Deloney. Police say Westley shot both of them.

The shot striking Uncle Ty was deadly.

“There is no reason that this should have happened to them,” Moore said. “Especially Ty-Ty. At all.”

Deloney’s mother is listed in critical but stable condition.

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Stockton’s mayor will be at this apartment complex tomorrow along with Stockton police to speak with people about the recent rise in gun violence.