By Velena Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Video obtained by CBS13 from hours before the Sacramento mass shooting appears to show suspects Smiley Martin and his brother Dandrae Martin together with Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, who was one of the six people killed.

The video was timestamped at 9:45 p.m. on Saturday, approximately four hours and 15 minutes before the shooting happened.

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“Whoever you is (sic), you don’t know where we at, you ain’t safe,” Hoye-Lucchesi said on the video. Then, Smiley is seen saying “Stop playing [n-word].”

Immediately after, Hoye is heard saying, “Die slow [n-word].”

Family members of Hoye-Lucchesi confirmed the man in the video is him. In the video, you can hear the group talking about going to a club and Smiley appears to be holding a handgun and pointing it into the camera.

“Stop playing with me, though,” said Smiley.

CBS13 was able to determine that the video was shot at a parking lot near two apartment complexes in north Sacramento. Residents there said they saw a group of people around the same time the video appears to be taken. One person told us they called 911 to report the activity.

“Once I saw the video, I knew they had responsibility for it,” that person said. “I have been knowing them most of their life.’

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That person has direct knowledge of the Martin brothers and others involved. We are hiding their identity for safety reasons.

“It looked like they were trying to go have some, you know, the O.K Corral showdown,” that person said after watching the video. “It makes me sick to think about [how] none of these people should be dead.”

That source believes the downtown mass shooting was a result of two groups fighting and innocent people getting caught in the crossfire. They explained the Martin brothers and Hoye knew each other and hung out together.

“The reality is there is no real reason why those people are dead,” the 911 caller said. “They just want to make it seem like they are bigger than life themselves, and whatever it takes to get that street credit.”

The shooting left several others injured and multiple families grieving in a shooting they say should’ve never happened.

“The right thing would be for people to not be dead, that’s not going to happen but at least let them have justice,” the 911 caller explained.

A total of three people have been arrested in connection to the shooting.

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The Associated Press is reporting authorities are trying to determine If the weapon seen in the social media video was used in the deadly mass shooting.