SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The first weekend since Sacramento’s mass shooting has downtown nightlife on edge. Keeping customers and staff safe is priority number one for businesses in the area.

Flat Stick Pub is in the heart of the Downtown Commons and was just closing Sunday morning when the shooting happened.

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“We tracked down all of our staff members — every single person who was working and who wasn’t — to verify they were indeed OK,” said Manager Adam Richards.

Now, they’re taking extra steps to boost their own security.

“We’re going to be scanning everybody’s ID and photographing it when they walk in,” Richards said.

Richards said if neighboring bars have the same system, it will track a guest’s behavior and warn of their actions.

“We can ultimately make a decision based off how egregious the act was,” he said.

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Richards said the Sacramento Police Department’s entertainment team encourages the use of the tech security system.

But what if you can’t rely on technology for safety? A neighboring wine cellar says bouncers aren’t an option.

“If there was a security guard in front of every door, it would look bad,” said Tim Haden. “People don’t want to come to a place with added police protection it’s like am I safe here?”

He’s a former Sacramento police officer who manages Bailarin Cellar. He relies on Sacramento police for security now more than ever.

“A lot of my former colleagues are actively patrolling this area all day and all night,” he said. “Hopefully that brings comfort to everyone in here.”

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The Sacramento Police Department said it typically has increased patrols during busy nights downtown but will have additional police in the area over the weekend to ensure everyone’s safety.