By Madisen Keavy

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — After a week of asking questions, a GoFundMe to support Ukraine’s largest children’s hospital is unfrozen and back online.

“One morning, without any notification, [the] page is not working,” Vlad Skots said.

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Skots is the founder of the Ukrainian American House in Rancho Cordova. When Russia invaded Ukraine, the nonprofit pivoted to help share updates and support Ukraine.

The latest move to help was putting together a GoFundMe for the country’s largest children’s hospital.

“There is no plan B, only plan A,” Skots said.

The children’s hospital was one we shared back in February with the story of a 7-year-old boy who survived a Russian attack but lost his family—an especially heartwrenching story out of the invasion.

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Images of the young boy in surgery at the hospital were one of the reasons Skots wanted to help the facility directly.

At the end of March, not even a month since the fundraiser went live, the page was gone.

The page was flagged by GoFundMe and the money was left in limbo.

“It’s [heartbreaking]. Those kids suffer enough. People in Ukraine suffer enough,” Skots had said. “The $30,000 collected from the American people, now on hold.”

We started asking questions the day the fundraiser was frozen and kept asking more questions until Wednesday. Then, late Wednesday afternoon, we got word from GoFundMe that the fundraiser was back up.

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A company spokesperson said they had to ensure the funds would go to the children’s hospital as intended—and that process clearly worked.