By Laura Haefeli

TRACY (CBS13) – A wedding in Tracy went viral last week after San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a noise complaint—but instead of breaking up the fun, they decided to join in.

It’s a tradition to celebrate a Punjabi wedding for days.

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“Growing up, that’s what we’ve always known. Indian weddings are usually a week long and there’s a lot of traditions,” said newlywed Raman Grewal Toor. “It’s supposed to be really vibrant and really loud and really fun.”

Her husband Manvinder Toor’s party even got the attention of some uninvited guests after neighbors called in a noise complaint to the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s office.

“Everyone was like, ‘Oh no, the cops are here, the party’s about to get shut down,’ ” Marvinder Toor said.

At the door were Officer Daniel De Lashmutt and his partners.

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“He was like, ‘Yeah, we got a noise complaint from neighbors, you have to turn down the music,’ ” said Manvinder Toor, who agreed before inviting the officers to join. “I went back to the sheriff and said ‘Come join come party with us.’ It was super fun, super exciting.”

The viral TikTok video took off showing dancing deputies who were meant to shut the party down instead of joining in.

“I saw it on social media and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ ” Raman Grewal Toor said.

“When he came to our party, everyone was posting videos. Oh, he’s family now. I’m pretty sure he felt he was a part of the family,” Marvinder Toor said of Officer De Lashmutt.

Neighbors were warned about the loud music and were even invited to the wedding, but the Toors say they’re happy about the interruption and now have a new wedding tradition.

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“We’re glad it happened because we met Officer Mutt,” Marvinder Toor said.