By George Warren

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A task force comprised of Sacramento police, code enforcement and public works cleared out a homeless camp on city property in North Sacramento Thursday morning.

A fleet of tow trucks hauled away dozens of inoperable cars, RVs and travel trailers as city crews scooped up trash and personal belongings left behind.

The two-acre site at the corner of Arden Way and Colfax Street had been the source of frequent complaints from nearby business owners who said the homeless camp led to a rise in theft and vandalism in the area.

Julie Maestas blames problems at the homeless camp on drug users

Julie Maestas, one of the people driven from the camp, blamed the problems on drug users.

“All they are is nothing but drug users out here,” Maestas said. “They’re the ones who mess it up for everybody.”

The city recently paved a portion of the property that will soon become a formal safe parking site that will reportedly accommodate about 30 vehicles with stricter supervision.