By Adrienne Moore

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Plans are in the works for Sacramento County’s first “Safe Stay Community” at the corner of Power Inn and Florin roads, but leaders have delayed its approval vote.

The new concept community aims to serve as a temporary shelter for people experiencing homelessness. They will include 24-7 security, case management services, and on-site sanitation and food services.

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Officials say they hope to help people transition into permanent housing.

The issue is that many people in the surrounding community said they never got a heads-up about the site.

“I think this location is the worst location anybody could have ever picked,” one homeowner said furiously during public comment.

Numerous homeowners were charged up in the county chambers.

“Currently, there are folks living unsheltered in this community and they are causing concerns for the neighborhood,” said Emily Falcon, the director of Homeless Initiatives. “What we are trying to do is address those concerns by creating a place where people can be, safely, where they’re not wandering the neighborhood and where they’re receiving the services they need to exit homelessness.”

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Up to 100 sleeping cabins, along with bathrooms and communal gathering spaces, will be housed at the site. Construction was expected to start next month, with the county anticipating opening the site in late summer or early fall.

With a daycare center, churches and homes nearby, many residents in the area have safety concerns.

“I can’t believe the county spent nearly $20,000 and didn’t approach anybody,” one homeowner said.

However, Patrick Kennedy, whose district includes the proposed site, said residents within a 1,000-foot radius received notices in the mail and held a meeting last week.

With the site’s future now in question, community members hope the county will find a new place for this much-needed site.

“[For] the safety of our children, I urge you to please re-evaluate this,” another homeowner said.

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The site is being reviewed and is pending approval, but the Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to delay the hearing until June 8.

Adrienne Moore