SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento City Unified School District on Monday announced that the teacher who was recorded using racist language, including the n-word, in the classroom has resigned from her position at Kit Carson International Academy.

The district said the teacher, who was previously identified as Spanish teacher Katherine Sanders, chose to resign rather than move forward with termination proceedings.

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Additionally, the district said it discovered that Sanders continued to use the racist language during the investigative process.

“By taking swift and aggressive action in this case, Sac City Unified sent a clear message that racist language by district employees will be addressed,” said Sacramento City Unified Board of Education President Christina Pritchett.

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CBS13 received the audio recording of the incident last June. The teacher was quickly removed from the classroom and placed on administrative leave.

In January, the district hired a new liaison, Mark T. Harris, to help address racism on its campuses. After his hiring, Harris announced he was moving to terminate the teacher from her position. Sanders, who was a tenured teacher, resigned, effective April 30, before a hearing could be held on the matter.

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“This incident goes to the heart of my role with the district, which is to help identify and interrupt inappropriate comments or racial epithets used in the workplace. That’s key to effecting positive change,” Harris said.