By Shawnte Passmore

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – A close encounter with nature.

Fairfield police received multiple reports of black bear sightings recently in neighborhoods near Woodcreek Park. The sightings come as a surprise as bears are typically seen in the hills.

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Early Friday morning, Ring surveillance video captures a bear on the move outside a house. When it doesn’t find what it wants, it moves to the side of the home. The homeowner, who asked to remain anonymous, shows it left scratch marks when climbing up his wooden fence.

The sightings have neighbors near Woodcreek Park buzzing.

“I’m really amazed that bears would come down this far,” said Jay Trottier, a neighbor.

But a wildlife expert warns the bears may not be passing through.

“I believe that it’s going to happen more and more,” said Ann Bryant, the executive director of BEAR league.

The conservation group says wildfires are partly to blame as black bears shift to find new homes while searching for food.

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In recent days, CBS13 reported bear sightings in nearby Vacaville.

But what could make these unwanted guests turn into nuisance neighbors that don’t go away?

“You gotta lock up the trash,” Bryant said.  “No bird feeders. If there’s bird feeders in your yard and the bears are around, they’re going to come and find it.”

Fairfield police are also warning the same goes for pet food left outside.

Neighbors say it’s a wild encounter they didn’t expect.

“If we were camping, it’d be one thing,” said Dan DeSoto while walking his dogs. “But this is new. So, I can’t imagine how you prepare for something like this.”

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The advice from wildlife experts? Don’t give them a reason to stay.

Shawnte Passmore