By Tony Lopez

DAVIS (CBS13) — The city of Davis could be getting a jump start on the impending water restrictions — and cars may soon be a little dirtier.

City leaders are considering new restrictions on how people wash their vehicles, but under the city’s level-two water shortage measures, using a garden hose to clean your car will no longer be allowed.

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“I think they should do that because it saves water and helps the environment,” one resident said.

“I don’t think they’re going to save a lot of water by doing that,” another resident said.

Anyone wanting a shiny, clean ride will have to go to a commercial car wash where water is recycled or a low flow hose is used.

So just how much water could be saved by this new conservation measure?

“Sixteen million gallons or 50 acre-feet per year is what our consultants had estimated,” said Dawn Calciano, the water conservation coordinator for the City of Davis.

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The level two watering restrictions also include limiting lawn irrigation to three days a week. It’s an effort to comply with Gov. Gavin Newsom‘s request for a 15% reduction in water usage — something that Davis has not achieved.

“Overall, we have about a 4.4% reduction. The majority of the state is not meeting the governor’s voluntary restrictions,” Calciano said.

Gov. Newsom met with water districts on Monday, warning them that the state could impose mandatory restrictions if they don’t take more aggressive actions to conserve.

“We have a very conservation-minded community,” Calciano said.

Many Davis property owners have already installed drought-resistant landscaping or are cutting back on watering lawns. The city is hoping these conservation efforts become a way of life rather than something that is only followed during dry times.

“That’s really the goal of the city is to have those reductions that are long term, not necessarily just during those couple of drought months,” Calciano said.

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On Tuesday, the state’s water board will consider passing new rules that ban watering decorative lawns and ordering water districts to plan for a 20% reduction in water supply.