By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento family is mourning the senseless deaths of a mother and father killed during a police pursuit after a suspect vehicle that cops were chasing crashed into them.

The violent collision happened Saturday morning on 65th Street and Stockton Boulevard.

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It started as a reported road rage incident between two cars. As police pursued the two, one of those vehicles crashed into the couple’s car as they were pulling out of a parking lot.

It has left the family heartbroken. Katie Dang still can’t believe her aunt and uncle are gone.

“Confused,” Dang said. “Every night, it just, the thoughts come back and then I cry for like hours thinking that this is really the last time I get to see them.”

A photo shows Bin Nguyen and Tien Le from the family’s alter honoring their lives.

The couple, described as best friends, were also parents. They leave behind a little girl and boy who are both under ten.

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Nguyen and Le’s SUV was hit and left nearly unrecognizable.

The suspect, who was driving a Mercedes, was also seriously injured after hitting the couple. A second suspect drove off and has not been found.

Sacramento police released a statement saying they are reviewing whether the pursuit was in department compliance.

Linda Lui is the president of the Sacramento IndoChina Friendship Association and works with city leadership to help the Vietnamese American family through the senseless tragedy.

“It’s very tragic,” Lui said. “If they are OK to it, I think this outpouring of support will be coming to support them emotionally, spiritually, financially.”

Dang said her family is working to take custody of her aunt and uncle’s children.

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“They’re always together,” Dang said of her aunt and uncle. “In the morning, they’re together. After work, they’re together. They’re driving home together. It’s just really sweet.”