SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Community activists had harsh words for Sacramento City Unified leaders as they rallied outside the California State Capitol on Wednesday in support of Dr. Elysse Versher.

Versher, who recently resigned from her position of vice principal at West Campus High School, says the district continuously failed over three years to keep her safe from racist attacks by parents and students.

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A post online shows a monkey over her family picture. She also found the n-word scrawled across her parking spot at West Campus High multiple times.

“My career, being with the children I love, my students and my staff is all down the drain. I’ve been black-balled and black-listed,” Versher said.

She says she was offered a job as a school principal at Visions in Education, but after her resignation over racism and sexual harassment went public, she says the school rescinded the offer.

The former vice principal is turning her pain into action. She’s now suing the district and West Campus Principal John McMeekin.

“I begged, I pleaded with Superintendent [Jorge] Aguilar to intervene on my behalf more times than I can count,” Versher said.

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Last week, Aguilar announced an investigation did in fact show Versher was the target of racist acts and said the district is “committed to addressing racism.” However, the investigation didn’t uncover those responsible. Meanwhile, Versher says her complaints were never taken seriously as she was told she was using the “race” card.

“There is no imaginary card that I possess that’s a race card that I would pull out for this type of dehumanization I’ve experienced,” she said.

“How long do we have to be beaten, shot, scarred, and racist graffiti is put in our face before someone says enough is enough?” said community activist Berry Accius.

Several community activists are now rallying behind Versher and calling for change, including anti-Black hate legislation.

“It would hold people accountable for racial terrorism and harassment, absolutely,” said Lorreen Pryor, CEO Black Youth Leadership Project.

“Stand and show support for every educator, every black woman who wants to be a principal that is experiencing the trauma that I have had to experience working for Sac City,” said Versher.

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District officials say they haven’t yet received the lawsuit so they couldn’t comment. Versher’s attorneys are also calling for a district-wide investigation, saying racism extends beyond West Campus High School.