By Rachel Wulff

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — Reaching out to those who are living on the streets can be a challenge, but an outreach event in Fairfield hopes to change that.

Joey Nunez is homeless. He received care packages that were handed out at the outreach event.

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“They got a lot of services here for us,” he said.

The event is sponsored by the Fairfield Police Homeless Intervention Team.

“We’re looking at not just people who are homeless but people who are at risk of being homeless, people who could be one bad month away from being out on the street,” said Lt. Joshua Kresha with the Fairfield Police Department.

Organizers of the event say many in Solano County would be displaced if it weren’t for groups like ODAS, which stands for Older and Disabled Adult Services. The group offers free caretakers for those who are medically eligible. The idea is to keep people independent and healthy.

“We apply fluoride varnish on people who come here and the fluoride varnish prevents cavities from forming,” Nisebho Fantaye said.

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And it doesn’t end with health or dental care. Barber Jerome Villanueva says some come to the outreach event for a haircut that often changes their heart.

“You inspire people to feel the best versions of themselves because a haircut goes a long way. I tell people, ‘When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good,’ ” he said.

Another reason this outreach event is held this time of year is that it’s right before kids get out of school and they can target families. For example, bikes are being raffled off for free. And with that comes childcare needs.

“We are offering free childcare if you are receiving some type of subsidy or if you are on some type of assistance such as Medi-Cal, CalFresh,” said a volunteer from BayNorth Church of Christ.

Micro-chipping was also available for pets, but it was the housing assistance that was key for Nunez.

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“You can meet a lot of people here. There’s a lot of good people here,” he said.