By Steve Large

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A thief broke into a Roseville crystal shop and stole thousands of dollars in merchandise, but surveillance video shows he couldn’t get what he really wanted.

Turns out, this burglar needs to bulk up. He didn’t quite have the muscle to move the crystal sculptures he broke in for and now the owner can’t stop laughing.

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“I laugh so hard,” said The Bead N Crystal owner Esther Morse,” who watched the video multiple times.

The video shows the masked man going straight for her giant amethyst sculptures.

“He tried to lift those up, but they are very, very heavy,” Morse said. “So he went for the second one, slightly smaller one, he couldn’t pick it up.”

His heist was suddenly in need of help.

The thief tried picking up smaller sculptures, but his knees can be seen buckling after a few steps, and he sets them down, too. The amethyst sculptures weigh nearly 200 pounds.

Morse did perform a crystal sound bath after the break-in to free her store of the burglar’s bad vibes. Signs are posted everywhere in the crystal shop warning of bad karma that comes to those who steal.

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Surveillance cameras captured the bad guy also going after cash at the counter. He was also able to get away with smaller merchandise.

“I believe in bad karma,” Customer Racquel Maddon said. “What goes around comes around, basically.”

This place aimed at healing and happiness was hit by a crystal-seeking criminal.

“I can’t imagine stolen crystals will bring anything good to you,” Morse said.

Maybe it’s all the healing power in the store that’s helping this owner, who just got robbed, find a little joy.

“So hilarious,” Morse said.

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Morse says she thinks that this thief had been in her store before because he knew exactly what he was after, even if he didn’t plan his getaway very well.