By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A passenger arrested and taken off a plane at Sacramento International Airport slipped one hand out of his handcuffs and made his getaway.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office dispatch audio recordings describe the unexpected takeoff at Sacramento International Airport.

Deputy: “…I need additional…just got away…he’s in the parking garage…”

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After what started as a routine arrest, the suspect made a run for it and was somehow able to remove one hand from his cuffs while the other hand was still in them.

Deputies sent out his description:

Deputy: “…with blue slides and iand he does still have handcuffs on the right…”

Deputy: “…do you recall if 321 said he still had one handcuff on his arm?…”

Deputy: “…affirm still had one handcuff on, unsure which arm…”

The suspect turned an airport parking lot packed with cars into his opportunity to get away.

Deputy: “…first floor of the parking garage heading south…”

Deputy: “…can we also keep a watch on the taxies…”

Passengers at Sacramento International Airport were left wondering how anyone could manage such an escape.

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“It sounds like a movie I’d watch,” Rufena Makovey said. “Probably had like bobby pins in his pocket or something?”

“You know, cameras, security, I feel like it’s hard to get away from anything like that,” Asia Carthan said.

This passenger proved to be a true flight risk. If he’s found he’ll be landing in a lot of trouble.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the suspect was being arrested for felony drug charges.

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They know his identity but have not released it publicly.