Is your school spraying the controversial weed killer?


Database: Glyphosate On Campus


Prompted by questions from concerned parents about a controversial weed killer being sprayed on campus, CBS13 requested pesticide records from every school district in the state.


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Among other things, the Healthy Schools Act (HSA) requires schools to keep four years of pesticide records on campus, provide them upon request, allow parents to register for notification 72 hours before each pesticide application, post warning signs in the area of the application and report all pesticide use to the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) annually.


Roughly 20% of California school districts responded to our public records request. More than half report that they are still spraying glyphosate on campus, using various brand names. However, one-fourth of all of the districts that responded by February 2020 either could not provide some or all of the required records or the district acknowledged violating one of the HSA requirements.




You Can Help CBS13 Get Answers:

Check the database. Did your school district respond to our public records request? If not, you can help us get answers for the parents in your community and hold school districts accountable.


Contact your school district and ask the following questions — then fill out this form with their answers:

  1. Does the school district spray weed killers with glyphosate on campus?
  2. How can parents register to be notified before each pesticide application?
  3. Can the school district provide 4 years of pesticide records specific to glyphosate?
  4. Where on campus does the district post the required warning signs when glyphosate is sprayed (at a central location or at each site of application)?





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Using Glyphosate?
**Y – NC:  Yes, they use glyphosate and appear non-compliant with HSA.
**NC: Did not provide records and appear non-compliant with HSA.
Y: Yes, they still use glyphosate on campus
N: No, they do not use glyphosate
N – 2019: Stopped using 2019-20
? : The response is not clear
Blank: District did not respond


**NOTE: NC (non-compliant) only includes districts that acknowledged non-compliance in their response. There are many other schools that appear to be violating HSA by failing to keep the required records or by failing to properly post warnings and notices in accordance with the law.


Parent Notification?
CBS13 asked each district: “How can parents in your district register to receive notifications of individual pesticide applications (per the Health Schools Act)?


Other Terms
IPM: Integrated Pest Management Plan
HSA: Healthy Schools Act
DPR: Department of Pesticide Regulation
CDE: California Department of Education


NOTE: Responses were first requested in July 2019 and continue to be periodically updated as districts and parents provide missing information. This database is a living document so percentages and averages may fluctuate. 


NOTE: The district contact information included is public information was taken from the California Department of Education website and may be outdated.