10 California Communities Awarded $17 Million To Address Family HomelessnessTen California municipalities from Mendocino County to San Diego will receive $17 million in Family Homelessness Challenge Grant money as part of Governor Gavin Newsom's $14 billion package to fight homelessness with the aim of reducing family homelessness throughout the state.
US Government To Cancel Another $6 Billion In Student Loan DebtThe Biden administration has agreed to cancel an estimated $6 billion in federal student loan debt for about 200,000 borrowers who have claimed they were defrauded by their college.
Hackers Steal $100 Million From California Cryptocurrency FirmHackers have stolen the equivalent of $100 million from a California-based cryptocurrency firm in the latest big-money hack in the digital currency industry.
‘A Miracle Of Nature’: Rare Planet Alignment Will Be Best Seen Friday MorningThe month of June may have brought the same stars in the sky, but this year we're getting a special peek at multiple planets. Five of them are all lined up in a row.
Bonta, Hochman Will Face Off In California's Attorney General RaceRepublican Nathan Hochman will battle California's Democratic Attorney General Rob Bonta in the November general election after garnering 18% of the vote in the primary, according to figures released Thursday.
Gov. Newsom, California Leaders Pledge New Law To Address High Court's 'Dangerous Decision' On Gun RulingCalifornia legislators will consider a new law within days to keep dangerous people from carrying concealed weapons in public, Gov. Gavin Newsom and his top law enforcement official said Thursday after a U.S. Supreme Court decision invalidated the most populous state’s current law.
Getting Answers: What Supreme Court Decision On New York Concealed Carry Law Means For CaliforniaLocal experts with knowledge of constitutional or firearms laws discuss the Supreme Court ruling on concealed carry laws.
Nancy Pelosi's Husband Paul Pelosi Charged With DUI In Napa CountyPaul Pelosi, the husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, was charged Thursday with driving under the influence in connection with a crash he was in last month.
California Senate Rejects Involuntary Servitude AmendmentThe California Senate on Thursday rejected a proposal to ban involuntary servitude as punishment for a crime after Gov. Gavin Newsom's administration warned it could cost taxpayers billions of dollars by forcing the state to pay inmates who work while in prison a $15-per-hour minimum wage.
California Emissions, Carbon Neutrality Plan Draws CriticismCalifornia air regulators are likely to hear a barrage of criticism Thursday on a plan to slash fossil fuel use and reach carbon neutrality by 2045, a proposal that would require a sweeping shift in how the state powers its massive economy in the face of climate change.
Social Stress Prematurely Ages Your Immune System, Study FindsSocial stress such as discrimination and family problems, along with job and money problems, can contribute to premature aging of your immune system, a recent study found.