Gov. Newsom Says Omicron Variant Won't Spark Another California ShutdownGov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday said confirmation of the first U.S. case of the COVID-19 omicron variant in California was not surprising, urging residents to "remain vigilant" and said there shouldn't be another shutdown heading into the holidays.
Body Spray Recall: What The Finding Of A Cancer-Causing Chemical Means For YouBenzene, a known cancer-causing chemical, was found in over half of 108 batches of antiperspirant and deodorant body sprays from 30 different brands, according to a citizen's petition filed this month with the US Food and Drug Administration.
Doctors, Insurance Companies Turning To Smart Trackers For Physical Therapy OutcomesA new app is changing physical therapy and reducing fraud all at once.
Why The New Omicron COVID Variant Is More Concerning"This thing has mutated like crazy," said Dr. Robert Murphy, an infectious disease specialist with Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. "There's at least 30 mutations in the spike protein. This is like way more than any other variant."
Tips For Controlling Screen Time For Kids And Teenagers Addicted To Video GamesMore than 75% of kids and teenagers play video games, after a recent survey found most played even more during the pandemic. But a local addiction group is warning gamers not to get carried away.
How To Tell The Difference Between The Flu, The Delta Variant, Or A ColdWith the flu season upon us and the delta variant continuing to make people sick, it might be hard for people feeling under the weather to distinguish between the flu, the original COVID-19 strain, and the delta variant. 
Number Of US Abortions May Be Increasing Slightly After Decreasing For DecadesAfter a long decline abortions in the U.S. appear to be inching up, though officials are cautious about calling it an upward trend because a government report issued November 24 is incomplete.
'There's Something Neurological Going On,' COVID Could Cause Depression And Anxiety, Researchers SayMental health experts increasingly believe Covid could cause depression and anxiety, even in people who’ve never experienced it at a clinical level before.
CBS13 Investigates: What's In Your Water?There's been a lot of talk about drinking water over the past month. This all has some wondering, how do you really know what's in your drinking water?
UC Davis Plays Major Role In City Of Davis' Vaccination RateDavis could be one of the safest cities in California when it comes to coronavirus with strict mask-wearing policies and now an 84% vaccination rate.
Sacramento Health Center Translates, Helps Navigate Afghan Refugees Through Healthcare SystemThe Elica Health Centers off translation services in multiple languages and share information in multiple languages, to ensure every person who needs access to their services can connect.
ICU Nurse: Many Patients Still Don't Believe COVID Is Real, Blame Hospital For Illness: 'They're Calling You A Murderer'“It's hard though, when you know that you're doing good for the patients, but they're yelling at you. They're telling you it's not real. They're telling you that you're a murderer."
Mike Tyson Credits Psychedelic Compound Psilocybin For Turning His Life Around: 'Helps Me Reach Highest Potential'Tyson says he began using psilocybin about five years ago, telling CBS Miami with pure joy that it’s changed his life for the better, forever. “That’s psychedelics, baby! That’s the toad, baby. That’s some shrooms, baby,” he exclaims.
TikTok Hand Signal Led To Girl's Rescue From Alleged Kidnapper. Now Police Want More AwarenessPeople are using a non-verbal hand gesture that says “I need help” to alert friends, family and even law enforcement of a violent situation without alerting their abusers.
Medical Board Looking At Revoking Or Suspending License Of Modesto Surgeon Who Got DUI While On CallA Stanislaus County doctor was arrested for DUI while on call.