Call Kurtis: AAA Leaves Woman Stranded Overnight In SierraAn Arnold woman who relies on AAA for roadside assistance, says they left her stranded in the sierra overnight. She called Kurtis to investigate.
'I’m Not Dead!' Sacramento Mom Denied Stimulus Money, Tax Returns, Because IRS Says She’s DeadA living mother of four hasn't been able to file her taxes in two years because the IRS thinks she's dead.
Unclaimed Property: $275,000 Vanishes From Retirees Account, Transferred To The State Of CaliforniaThe discovery was a shock. Eugene and Ann Breznock’s investments, worth $275,000 in their June Charles Schwab statement, gone, replaced with a column of zeros.
Call Kurtis: Modesto Man's Struggles To Get Love Of His Life CrematedA Modesto CBS13 viewer says he struggled to get the love of his life cremated, and called Kurtis to investigate.
Call Kurtis: Hanging Onto Gift Cards? Don'tViewers stuck with unspent Fry’s Electronics gift cared are trying to get their money back.
Sacramento Man Worries He Got Someone Else's Ashes After His Mother Was CrematedA Sacramento son was worried the crematorium returned someone else's ashes after his mother's death, so he called Kurtis to investigate. 
Disguised On DoorDash? Several Chain Restaurants Marketing Food Under Different NamesA Call Kurtis investigation uncovered several chain restaurants marketing their food under different names.
California’s Tax Agency Suspends Debt Collection Program Exposed In Call Kurtis InvestigationThe Franchise Tax Board has suspended the Intercept Program, which takes taxpayers' refunds to pay off debt, saying it will stop raiding taxpayer’s money to cover things like parking tickets, tolls, or other fines through August.
The State Stole My Money: Is Your Tax Refund Safe?If you take money that doesn’t belong to you, it’s theft, but somehow the Franchise Tax Board, the agency that collects your taxes, is getting away with it.
Careers On Hold: Thousands Of Graduates Not Allowed To Work After State Cancels Licensing ExamsShe’s got her diploma and her loans are due, but Sarah Stevenson, a cosmetology graduate from Shingle Springs, says the state is keeping her from getting her license.
'Nightmare, That Would Best Describe It': Sacramento Man Says Pandemic Stranded Him In ColombiaA Sacramento father says the pandemic stranded him in violent Colombia.
Senior Struggles To Get $160 Refund For Canceled Concert TicketsCitrus Heights senior Mark Vance struggled to get a refund for a Cher concert, so he called Kurtis to investigate. 
Christmas Money Crunch: Retiree Struggles To Get Back $200 Hotel Deposit After Paying With Debit CardIf you have a choice to pay a hotel bill with a credit card or a debit card, use credit.
Airbnb Refusing Refunds For Cancellations Due To COVID Travel Restrictions, Stay-At-Home OrdersThe stay-at-home order is forcing some to cancel holiday plans. Those who have shelled out thousands for rentals are upset they can’t get that money back.  
Repairman Breaks Dishwasher: Who Should Pay?Newcastle viewer Chere Yamasaki said the extended warranty company came out to fix her dishwasher and ended up causing more damage.
Foothills Boy Scout Duped Out Of $1,825 On Project To Honor VeteransA Sutter Creek scout says the website he paid to make plaques honoring veterans never delivered, leaving his Eagle Scout project stalled.
Imposter Cashes Fake Check Inside Bank; Mom Of Three Out $8,000A Stockton mom of three was out $8,000 after her bank cashed a fake check for someone posing as her, and refused to give her money back.
Retiree’s Credit Score Dives After Taking Test DriveArmond Bradford said he went into a car dealership for a test drive and came out with a lower credit score.
Canal Floods Grass Valley Property, Water Company Won’t Pay $20,000 ClaimCanal Floods Grass Valley Property, Water Company Won’t Pay $20,000 Claim
Are Forever Stamps Really Forever?Questions are surfacing about the true value of Forever Stamps.
How To Avoid A Mail Forwarding Fiasco When A Family Member MovesAn Elk Grove dad isn’t getting his mail after his son moved out and filed a change of address.
Storage Unit Infestation: Who Has To Pay?You may pay top dollar for storage, but who is responsible for pest control? The answer depends on your contract.
Blind Sacramento Customers Swindled By Solar Salesman; Panels Don’t WorkA blind Sacramento man says his new solar panels don't work and the company closed, so it was time for Call Kurtis to investigate.
Cell Industry Fights Rules To Require Backup Power At Cell Towers In Fire ZonesLong before Public Safety Power Shutoffs, Call Kurtis Investigates questioned phone companies on what they’re doing to make sure people in the line of wildfire have means to communicate. 
Factory-Giveaway Contest Started By Jelly Belly Founder David Klein Causes ConfusionThe founder of Jelly Belly found himself inundated with inquiries after he publicized a contest with the prize of a candy factory. The only hitch: the factory isn't a Jelly Belly factory.
State Suspends License Of Elk Grove Cosmetic Surgeon, Citing 'Gross Negligence' And 'Incompetence'A medical board expert says the doctor lacks the training and knowledge to perform cosmetic procedures.
Stockton College Student Stuck In Lease For Empty ApartmentAs college students are adjusting to the new school year,  some are locked in leases for empty apartments. 
Cameron Park Senior Says She Couldn’t Get A Refund For Concert Canceled During PandemicEighty-four-year-old Ardy Howard wanted her money back after buying tickets for a postponed Celine Dion concert. 
Call Kurtis Update: Mom Goes Four Months Without Working FridgeA Mom who went four months without a working fridge will have to wait even longer for her replacement. 
Family Claims They Can’t Get Homeowners Insurance Because Of City TreesA Modesto family says their homeowner’s insurance is dropping their coverage over a city tree, so they called Kurtis.