'Learn To Burn' Program Teaches Placer County Landowners How To Use Controlled Burns To Combat Wildfires, DroughtA program in placer county is teaching landowners how to fight fire with fire.
California Drought Deepens After Record Dry Months; Snowpack At 38%California is experiencing one of the driest starts to spring in decades, data showed Friday, and absent a heavy dose of April and May showers the state's drought will deepen and that could lead to stricter rules on water use and another devastating wildfire season.
Californians Asked To Cut Back Further On Water UsageCalifornians will be asked to further cut back on their water use, state officials said Monday as they warned water scarcity will shape the future of the drought-stricken state.
Unlikely 'March Miracle' Will Pull California Out Of Drought, Urban Water Use IncreasesAfter 66 consecutive days without significant rain, Northern California got a break Tuesday.
Size Of Drought In US Increased By The Area Of California In The Past MonthThe West is far from the only region experiencing remarkably dry weather so far this year. According to Thursday's report from the US Drought Monitor, more than 61% of the contiguous US is in some classification of drought.
‘Safe To Say That We'll End This Year Dry’: California Snowpack Far Below Normal After Dry Winter MonthsCalifornia's winter mountain snowpack is far below average after two historically dry months that reversed gains from storms late last year, officials said Tuesday as they urged the nation's most populous state to conserve water.
Experts: ‘Drought’ May Be Insufficient To Capture What Is Happening In The WestAs the American West continues into its 22nd year of a parching megadrought, officials at the federal government's top water resource management agency are trying to plan for an uncertain and unprecedented time for the nation's largest reservoirs.
Dry January Means Less Water Than Normal In California SnowThe water contained in California's mountain snow is now lower than the historical average after a January without significant rain or snow.
Lake Oroville Power Plant Restarts After Being Shut Down Due To DroughtThe power plant at Lake Oroville is starting back up.
California Imposes Water Restrictions As Drought Drags On, Even After December StormsCalifornians won't be able to water their lawns for 48 hours after rainstorms or let their sprinklers run onto the sidewalk under mandatory water restrictions state regulators adopted Tuesday as a drought continues despite heavy December rain and snow.
California Snowpack Far Above Normal Levels After StormsCalifornia's mountain snow holds 160% of the water it normally does this time of year, state water officials announced Thursday, marking a strong start to the drought-stricken state's traditionally wet winter season.