Latest Health News

Health Officials: Third Confirmed Measles Case In Sacramento County Sacramento County Public Health said Wednesday that a third person has a confirmed case of measles. 
Opponents Spar Over California Vaccine Exemption BillHundreds of opponents of mandatory vaccines are in Sacramento to oppose a California proposal to give state public health officials instead of local doctors the power to decide which children can skip their shots before attending school.
Americans Getting More Inactive, Computers Partly To BlameA new study says Americans are becoming increasingly sedentary. They spend almost a third of their waking hours sitting down, and computer use is partly to blame.
Exercise, Sleep, Screens: New Guidelines For Children Under 5For the greatest health benefits, how much play time, screen time and sleep should your baby or young child have in a given day? The World Health Organization has some answers.
Skipping Breakfast Tied To Higher Risk Of Heart-Related Death, Study FindsWhether you eat breakfast might be linked with your risk of dying early from cardiovascular disease, according to a new study.
Proposal To Tax Soda In California Pushed To Next YearEfforts to tax sugary drinks and limit how much soda can be sold in a single cup have stalled in the California Legislature.
Health Officials: California Baby Dies From Whooping CoughCalifornia health officials say a baby has died from whooping cough - the first such infant death in the state since 2018.
It’s Legal For Your Meat To Have Trace Amounts Of Fecal MatterThis product “may contain feces.” That’s the label that one consumer rights advocacy group wants for the government to require meat distributors put on the food they send out to grocery stores.
CDC Investigating Listeria Infections Linked To Deli Meats And CheesesEight people in several states have been hospitalized with listeria infections, including one person who died, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.
Study: Eating Just 1 Slice Of Bacon Daily Linked To Increased Risk Of Colon CancerEating even a moderate amount of red or processed meat is linked with an increased risk of colorectal (bowel) cancer, according to a new study published Wednesday.
Seniors' Weakness For Scams May Be Warning Sign Of DementiaNew research suggests seniors who aren't on guard against scams also might be at risk for eventually developing Alzheimer's disease.
Study: Men’s Beards Contain More Germs Than Dog's FurFive months after a study found men with beards to be more attractive, a new report suggests a man's beard contains more germs than dogs carry in their fur.