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'Holiday Heart Syndrome': What Is It And How To Avoid It'Tis the season of holiday parties, powered by fatty, salty hors d'oeuvres with plenty of booze to wash them down.
Exercise Advice On Food Labels Could Help Reduce Obesity, Researchers SayFood labels detailing how much exercise is needed to burn off a product's calorie content could help to combat obesity, according to UK researchers.
Diabetes Drug Metformin Investigated For Possible Cancer-Causing ContaminantThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration says it is investigating to see if a prescription drug used to treat diabetes is contaminated with traces of a chemical linked to cancer.
All The Lonely People: Why More Of Us Will Feel Disconnected Than Ever BeforeDespite popular belief, baby boomers between 55 and 75 aren't more lonely than prior generations, according to two new studies published Tuesday by the American Psychological Association.
Christmas Sweaters Are Adding To Plastic Pollution, Environmental Charity SaysMost Christmas sweaters are made of plastic and are likely to contribute to plastic pollution in the world's oceans, an environmental charity has warned.
Researchers Find Drug Can Curb Delusions in Dementia and Alzheimer’s PatientsA drug used to reduce delusions among Parkinson's patients has the same benefit for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, researchers announced this week.
Scientists Want To Test Once-A-Month Birth Control On Humans Following Successful Testing On PigsScientists say they have made a breakthrough on developing a contraceptive pill that only needs to be taken once a month.
New Details Emerge On Drug That May Slow Alzheimer’s DiseaseA company that claims to have the first drug to slow mental decline from Alzheimer's disease made its case to scientists Thursday.
Cell Phone Related Injuries Are Rising Steeply, Especially For The YoungA new study analyzing national emergency room data shows injuries to those areas of our bodies have risen "steeply" over the last 20 years.
Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Black Tar Heroin Use Blamed For 7 Deaths So Far In CaliforniaSeven people in San Diego have died in the last two months from a flesh-eating bacteria associated with black tar heroin use, according to health officials.
Study: Permanent Hair Dye, Chemical Straighteners May Increase Breast Cancer RiskWomen who use permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners have a higher risk of developing breast cancer than women who don't use these products, according to a study released on Tuesday.
Reduce Cholesterol Earlier In Life To Prevent Heart Problems Later, Study SaysTo prevent heart problems later in life, people 45 and younger with higher levels of bad cholesterol might want to change their eating and exercise habits, or even talk to their doctor about medications such as statins, a new study says.