Terror Plot Suspect Charged With Threatening President Donald Trump, FamilyA man who allegedly planned a terrorist attack in Cleveland last summer and expressed his desire to plan an attack in Philadelphia also made threats to kill President Donald Trump and his family, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.
'I'm Fixin To Blow It Up': Bathroom Warning Mistaken For Bomb Threat At Home DepotA report of a bomb threat at a Home Depot store in Kansas turned out to be a big misunderstanding.
'I Was In Shock': Woman Shot In Face With Crossbow Drives Herself To HospitalAn Arkansas woman who was shot in the face with a crossbow is recovering in a hospital and the man who allegedly shot her faces felony charges.
Officers Replace Little Girl's Toys After They Were Stolen During BurglaryPolice officers in Greenwood went above and beyond to replace a little girl's toys after they were stolen from her home during a burglarly earlier this month.
The ‘Frozen 2’ Trailer Is Finally HereQueen Elsa and Princess Anna are back in the trailer for "Frozen II," which will likely mean more huge box office and merchandising returns for Disney.
Study: School Lunches Are Linked To Better School Test ScoresChildren who consistently eat lunch at school are more likely to score better on standardized tests, according to a study out of India, one of the biggest and longest running studies looking at the effect of school lunch on academic performance.
100-Year-Old Playwright Finally Catches His Big BreakA senior is experiencing a dream come true at the age of 100. The frustrated playwright finally has a play he wrote being produced on a New York City stage.
Police: Attempted Car Thief Killed By HomeownerPolice say a man is dead and another is hurt after a botched car theft in Philadelphia’s Roxborough neighborhood.
Fisherman Catches Giant 20 Pound 'Goldfish' With A BiscuitA fisherman in Kentucky used unusual bait over the weekend to reel in a giant catch that looks like a goldfish.
'Heaven Has A Wall, Hell Has Open Borders': Grocery Store Ad Stirs Political DebateMac's Cashsaver is a family-owned Christian grocery store with several locations in southeast Arkansas.
Police: Son Sets Mother's Home On Fire After Argument Over Box Of Cheez-ItsA man in Georgia set his mother's home on fire early Tuesday over a box of Cheez-It crackers, authorities say.
Video Shows Man Releasing Rat Inside New Jersey McDonald's, Sparking Total Chaos Total chaos erupted at a McDonald's in Newark, New Jersey after a man released a large white rat inside the crowded restaurant.
School Hires Combat Vets With Rifles To 'Put Down' Active ShootersA charter school in Florida has hired two combat veterans to patrol the grounds with semi-automatic rifles to protect students from any active shooters, according to officials.
Women's Mental And Physical Health Improves From Hanging Out With Friends, Researchers SayResearchers cited decreased anxiety levels in participants, along with strengthened immune systems and faster illness recovery time.
'What Is Going On?' Instagram Users Report Losing Thousands Of FollowersInstagram users are confused after they reported losing hundreds and in some cases thousands of followers overnight.
Driver Miraculously Survives Horrific Freeway CrashThe driver of a black Chevrolet Cruze that ended up pinned vertically facing downward between a concrete median and a semi-tractor trailer in Ohio miraculously survived the crash, authorities said.
Kate Gosselin Tries G-Rated Dating In 'Kate Plus Date'Don't expect anything like "The Bachelorette" with Kate Gosselin's new TLC dating show.
Mattel Makes Barbie More InclusiveBarbie's new looks could help fight the stigma around physical disabilities.
Facebook Screens Posts For Suicide Risk, And Health Experts Have ConcernsA doctor in Boston says Facebook needs to be more transparent about suicide prevention efforts.
When It Comes To Physical Labor, The More, The MerrierWhen it comes to performing a physical task, is more help better?
Facebook Screens Posts For Suicide Risk, And Health Experts Have ConcernsA pair of public health experts has called for Facebook to be more transparent in the way it screens posts for suicide risk and to follow certain ethical guidelines, including informed consent among users.
Ex-KFC Employee Wins More Than $1.5 Million In Lawsuit Claiming She Was Demoted For Wanting To Pump Breast MilkA jury in New Castle County has ruled that a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise must pay over $1.5 million to a former employee who said she was demoted because she wanted to pump her breast milk.
Manhunt Underway For Veteran Suspected of Faking His Own Death To Avoid Rape ChargesPolice are searching for a U.S. Army veteran they say faked his death off the Alabama coast to avoid child rape charges.
Kindergartner Hit In The Face With Ruler By Teacher For 'Tattletaling,' Family SaysA kindergarten student in Tennessee said her teacher hit her in the face with a ruler for "tattletaling," according to the girl's mother.
Pot Smokers Find Tiger In Abandoned Home In HoustonAccording to police, they received an anonymous call about a tiger being found at an abandoned house after the callers said they were going to smoke marijuana there.
'Lock Your Doors': Sheriff Suspends Law Enforcement Over Lack Of Funding"Lock your doors, load your guns and get a biting, barking dog." That stunning advice came from a county sheriff in Kentucky after he suspended all law enforcement activities, declaring "WE ARE BROKE."
Man Wins Lotto, Accepts Prize In ‘Scream’ Mask To Hide IdentityA man who won a Super Lotto prize in the Caribbean picked up his massive check, while wearing a mask from the movie "Scream."
Nicki Minaj Pulls Out BET Concert After Network's TweetNicki Minaj says she's canceling her appearance at the BET Experience Concert after the network tweeted about her and fellow rapper Cardi B.
'Aladdin’ Trailer Reveals Will Smith As The Genie; Reactions MixedWill Smith is a blue floating genie in the latest trailer for the live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic “Aladdin.”
Chihuahua Recovering After Being Snatched Up By EagleA woman says a bald eagle swooped in last Thursday and picked up her Chihuahua named Romeo, who is now recovering from the attack.