Central Valley Democratic House Rep. Jerry McNerney Announces He Will Not Run For Another TermTwo more House Democrats announced Tuesday they won't seek reelection in November, bringing the party's total retirements to 28 ahead of what is expected to be a difficult midterm election year.
MLK Jr. Celebration Unites People, Tackles Racial InjusticesPeople are spending the holiday weekend reflecting on the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. More than 30 area churches held a celebration for the civil rights activist’s life while looking at how people can come together at a time when the pandemic has physically separated people. The event featured music, poem recitals and speakers.
Getting Answers: Would Changing The State's Gas Tax Save You Money?Whatever grade you’re buying, you’re feeling the burning hole in your wallet. AAA reports Thursday’s national average for gas is $3.30. In California, it’s close to $4.66 – about $1.35 more than what the rest of the country pays.
Hundreds Of Thousands Of Disability Claims Suspended As California Officials Cite FraudAfter stealing the identities of death row inmates and even a sitting U.S. senator to make off with billions of dollars in fraudulent unemployment benefits during the pandemic, scammers have now moved on to impersonating doctors to dupe California officials into giving them disability checks.
Gov. Newsom Rejects Sheriff's Claims His Homelessness Plan Isn't WorkingGov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday rejected claims by the sheriff of California’s most populous county that record spending on homelessness initiatives isn’t putting a dent in the problem of people living in the streets and the state isn't held accountable for where the billions of dollars go.
California Assault Weapon Owners Face Registration DeadlineCalifornia gun owners starting Thursday are getting a second chance to register and keep a type of firearm that is now illegal to buy under the state's expanded definition of assault weapons.
Universal Health Care Bill Advances In California AssemblyCalifornia Democrats on Tuesday took their first step toward creating the nation's first universal health care system, which would abolish the state's private health insurance market and replace it with a government-run plan that they promised would never deny anyone the care they need.
Getting Answers: Are Distance Learning, Paid Sick Leave Due To Make A Return?On Tuesday, some Sacramento City Unified families spent close to an hour in line waiting for their test at the district office. It's a necessary step for students to return to class and their families to return to work.
Hospitals Brace For Peaks In COVID-19 Cases, HospitalizationsState public health officials say COVID-19 cases may peak next month. Ahead of the surge, the governor wants to bring in additional medical workers to help alleviate the strain.
California Lawmakers To Begin Debating Universal Health Care ProposalThis year, Democrats in the state Assembly have filed two bills: one that would create the universal health care system and set its rules, the other would lay out how to pay for everything by raising taxes on some wealthier individuals and larger businesses.
Newsom's Budget Confronts Climate Change, Homelessness, CrimeNewsom focused much of his budget proposal on some of the state's biggest issues — climate change, homelessness, education, abortion, high-speed rail, the pandemic, crime.