All California Cars Must Have License Plates Starting January 1Starting January 1 any car bought or leased and driven off a car dealership lot must have temporary license plates.
Will The Federal Judge's Ruling On Obamacare Affect Your Health Insurance?Peter Lee, the executive director of Covered California, said the ruling did not come as a surprise.
California Chief Justice Gives Up Republican Party LabelThe chief justice of the California Supreme Court says concerns about increasing polarization in the country prompted her to give up her Republican Party affiliation.
Kamala Harris Aide Resigns After Harassment Accusations SurfaceCalifornia Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris accepted the resignation of one of her staffers, Larry Wallace, on Wednesday after accusations of harassment surfaced from the time that he was working for her at the California Department of Justice.
Proposal To Name Portion Of Solano County Highway After CHP Officer Killed In CrashPart of Interstate 505 in Solano County may be renamed the CHP Officer Kirk Griess Memorial Highway to memorialize the officer killed in the line of duty.
California Looking To Add More Affordable Preschool Options For FamiliesThe California legislature will debate three Assembly bills in the upcoming session that would open up preschool options for thousands of California families.
California Lawmakers Renew Effort To Get Rid Of Sales Tax On DiapersCalifornia lawmakers are once again trying to get rid of the sales tax on diapers.
Using Your Phone While Driving May Add Point To Your Driving RecordDriving while texting or holding your cell phone may earn you a point on your driving record.
California Legislature Moves Forward With Plans To Keep Year-Round Daylight Saving TimeNow that Proposition 7 passed, which allows the legislature to keep Daylight Saving Time year-round, lawmakers are moving forward with plans to do away with standard time.
California Community Colleges May Waive Fees For 2 Years For Qualifying StudentsSeveral California lawmakers want to make two years of Community College free for qualifying students.
California May Drop Sexual Orientation And Age Requirement For Domestic PartnershipsCalifornia may start recognizing domestic partnerships for all couples, regardless of sexual orientation or age.
Presidential Candidates Would Need To Disclose Tax Returns To Get On CA Primary BallotA candidate running for President of the United States wouldn't get his or her name on a California primary ballot unless he or she files 5 years worth of income tax returns with the Secretary of State, if a new bill gets signed into law.