Sacramento Leaders Take Action To Remove Homeless From Critical InfrastructureA new resolution passed Tuesday prohibits homeless encampments from being within 25 feet from more than one hundred sites across the city including bridges, levees, rivers, utilities, hospitals and essential city buildings.
Newsom Administration Appoints Special Counsel For California Unemployment FraudCalifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom's administration on Tuesday tapped a former federal prosecutor to help investigate billions of dollars in fraudulent unemployment benefits paid by the state.
Former State Employee Sues California Treasurer Fiona Ma For Sexual HarassmentA former state employee is suing California Treasurer Fiona Ma for sexual harassment, wrongful termination and racial discrimination.
Radio Host Larry Elder Sues Over Being Blocked From California Recall BallotConservative talk radio host Larry Elder has filed a lawsuit challenging a decision by California election officials to block him from running in the state's Sept. 14 recall election, saying he's the target of political "shenanigans" by Sacramento Democrats.
Anti-Plastic Waste Initiative Approved For 2022 California BallotA California initiative that would require state regulators to reduce plastic waste has qualified for the November 2022 ballot, officials said Monday.
Sacramento Eyes Athletics' Vote For New Oakland StadiumSacramento's possible 2021 campaign for the A’s comes three decades after an attempt to lure a Major League Baseball franchise is 1987.
California Court Upends Part Of Law To Protect Gay SeniorsGay rights advocates said Monday that they will seek to challenge an appeals court decision tossing out part of a California law designed to protect older LGBTQ residents in nursing homes.
California Holds Lottery To Determine Order Of Recall Candidates On BallotCalifornia state election officials held a lottery on Monday to determine the order candidates will be listed on the ballot for September's recall election.
Who's In? California Recall Candidate List Draws ConfusionThe list includes 21 Republicans, eight Democrats, one Libertarian, nine independents and two Green Party members. Ballots will start going on next month in the mail, and the official election date is Sept. 14.
'Dreamers Represent The Very Best': Newsom, Pelosi Respond To Texas Judge's Ruling To Halt DACAAfter a federal judge in Texas on Friday ruled illegal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, California Gov. Gavin Newsom called on Congress to fix the immigration system and create a clearer pathway to U.S. citizenship.
Charges Against Pair Cite Trump Unrest In Alleged Plot On Democratic HQ In SacramentoThe new indictment alleges their first intended target was the Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento, one of a series of planned attacks they hoped would prompt a burgeoning movement of those upset with Trump’s defeat.