Cancer-Causing Chemical Found In Ripon Soil Vapor Not The One Parents ExpectedAs parents in Ripon expected they might find one cancer-causing chemical in the air and instead test results show another related, but different cancer-causing chemical. 
Cancer-Causing Chemical Found In School Drinking Fountain, Parents Weren’t NotifiedCBS13 has learned that the water tested positive for Trichloroethylene (TCE), the chemical at the center of an on-going CBS13 investigation into possible contaminants in the water in the City of Ripon, but parents at Weston were not notified about the water results.
Water Board To Test Soil In Ripon For Potentially Hazardous Chemical VaporThe state water board says it will begin testing the soil in Ripon over the next few weeks for a potentially hazardous chemical vapor.
After At Least 7 Children Diagnosed With Cancer, Parents Eye Chemical In City's WaterParents in one California community are fighting for answers after at least seven children were diagnosed with cancer in the past four years.
Report: 1 Out Of 5 California Schools Found Detectable Levels Of Lead In Drinking WaterLead is linked to learning disabilities, behavior problems and many other health effects.
Congressman Harder Questions Lack Of Groundwater Safety Oversight In RiponA local congressman is demanding answers tonight after seeing our reports that uncovered holes in city water records tied to a chemical known to cause cancer.
Ripon Cancer Concerns Spread From Water To VaporMoms of kids with cancer have been concerned about the chemicals found in the water in Ripon. Now their concerns are spreading to the air.
Moms Of Kids With Cancer Turn Attention From School Cell Tower To The WaterAfter four kids were diagnosed with cancer at one school, parents convinced the district, and the cell phone company, to remove the cell tower on campus.