Triple-Digit Days Coming This Week - 7/16/18It's Monday and it's already starting to warm up. Get ready for triple digits for multiple days this week.
Tracking Monsoon Moisture - 7/12/18We're tracking monsoon moisture. You're probably seeing some of those clouds streaming across the area. That's actually being imported from northern Mexico.
Toasty Temps Thursday With High Between 95 & 100 In The Valley – July 11, 2018We are looking at some pretty toasty temperatures again between 95 and 100. The north end of the valley will be north of 100 degrees.
Temperatures Warmer Tuesday, With The Delta Breeze Coming Back To Sacramento - June 26, 2018Temperatures this Tuesday in Sacramento are a little bit warmer than yesterday.
Temperatures Cooling Down The Next Couple Of Days In Sacramento - 6/25/18We had a very hot weekend. Now we're starting to feel that delta breeze cool things down.
Low Hundreds Saturday, Cooling Sunday Afternoon In Sacramento - June 22, 2018It's Friday and the temperatures are going up. Yes, we are into the low hundreds and a lot of spots and I think we're going to do two of these days before we start to bring in a little cooling at least around Sacramento's early as the afternoon on Sunday.
Happy First Day Of Summer; Triple Digits Coming Friday To Sacramento – June 21, 18It is Thursday, the first day of summer, and the temperatures are starting to rise well into the 90s for a lot of locations today. they'll get into the triple digits as we go through the next couple of days, heading into the first weekend of summer.
Last Day Of Spring - 6/20/18Good Wednesday to you, and good last day of spring 2018.
Triple Digits Coming To Sacramento Friday - June 19, 2018We're about 45 degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. We do have a hint of some cooling on the way. Get ready...triple digits are coming in here the first full day of summer which is Friday.
Triple Digits Arriving Tuesday; Get Ready For Toasty Start To Summer In Sacramento - June 18, 2018The weather was perfect this weekend -- nice and cool. Just keep that in the back of your mind because this next weekend is going to be anything but nice and cool. Summer's coming in with a vengeance! 
Cooling Trend Bringing In Mild Weekend – June 15, 2018Happy last Friday of spring! The leading edge of a cooling trend across Northern California is here. On Saturday, we'll be smack dab in the low- to mid-80s and maybe in the upper-70s.