Do you need help getting answers to a consumer problem? The Call Kurtis Team may be able to assist you.

Before writing us, try to resolve the issue on your own. Explain your complaint to the company, and try to work out a resolution with a supervisor.  If that doesn’t work, send a demand letter by certified mail with your expectations.  Document all interactions you have, listing dates and times of your call, what was discussed, and with whom you spoke.

The Call Kurtis Team helps with consumer problems dealing with services and purchases.  Except in extremely rare cases, we will not investigate business-to-business disputes, family law issues, criminal issues, landlord/tenant disputes, medical insurance or employment problems. The Call Kurtis Team also generally does not investigate cases that are already in litigation or mediation.

We receive a high volume of Automotive complaints involving dealerships and mechanics. Please click on our Car Problem Guide for assistance.

Please note:  By contacting us, you agree to participate in an on-camera news story, and may be interviewed. We receive thousands of calls and e-mails a month, and sometimes can’t get back to each person right away.  Please be patient, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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Comments (13)
  1. julie alderete says:

    hi i have a really difficult situation that my whole family would appreciate some help with.first of all my father was involved in a double murder trial with another man samuel hernandez. my father was givin false information and misleeding advide from his public defender which led my father to getting scentenced double life in prison.this was 15 years ago. now a days we have been hearing a whole bunch of rumors and similar cases were my dads same public defendor was in curruption with the district attorney! me myself have tryed to get facts straight and similar cases proven but it seems one of the two currupted lawyers is now deseased and the othe is a judge now.can u please see if u can try and help my father and our family get through these confusing and unjust times? thanks for reading call kurtis!

  2. Darren says:

    The CBS13 iPhone app is no longer working. It’s been over a week and could not load any news.

  3. Casey says:

    Hey I have a situation that pconsumers should be aware of before black Friday. Last year I bought a 40inch Samsung tv from frys the sales person told me that the extended warranty covered all damage physical or otherwise which was really important to me because I have a toddler who loves to throw things. Well I was the one who was at fault and the screen cracked. So this morning I took it back and the service manager told me to hit the bricks so I asked for his boss who was the assistant manager named Arnold and he said the only thing he could do for me was prorate the extended warranty and refund it so i expressed my displeasure and told him I was never shopping there again and he refunded the warranty with a store credit. I called corporate who was rude and it’s truly apparent that nothing is going to be done about my tv so buyers beware DONT GO TO FRYS.

  4. bob sisemore says:

    I am not sure if you investigate this type of thing but with our economy the way it is I thought maybe? This morning while coming to work in Sacramento from Marysville I was passed by a Sacramento PD SRO vehicle. At first I was just irritated then I got really upset. This is a regular police officer using my tax money to pay for his free driving back and forth to work. I drive a car that averages around 26 mpg. I am positive police vehicles are less. It runs me about 250-300 dollars a month just for gas. For this officer to drive back and forth daily it must be in the 400-500 dollar a month or abou 5-6,000 dollars a year. Vehicle plate 1191492. ID SRO 10127

  5. Dustin Eads says:

    Dear Kurtis, I’m writing you to hopfully get some help. I’ve done all that I can do, but for some reason I keep hitting a brick wall.My name is Dustin and right now me and my wife and three kids are living in a hotel. The thing is I’m permently diabled, I’m on SSI and my wife recieves general aide. Due to my disablity, which is blindness, my wife is unable to get a job. 9 yrs ago I signed up for section 8, I understand that theres a waiting list, but since I’m disabled I figured I should have had some help by now, I even know of someone who signed up for section 8 resently and is already receiving section 8. I’ve even have tried to get help with paying for my hotel cause the rent here for a month takes just about our income,and we found a place that gives hotel vouchers but we would have to move cause the vouchers are for certain hotels, and that would mean we would have to switch schools for the kids and honestly my kids are doing good in school for the first time in a couple of yrs. So would you please help me and my family. We could really use it right now. THANK YOU
    The Eads
    If you have any question you can email me or call me1 (209)371-1271
    Thank You again and God Bless

  6. elizabeth says:

    I am trying to help with a family that an elderly woman was informed that she “Won” a cash prize and a car. Shw was instructed to send several $1000’s western union to pay for varies fees. This woman is now convinced she is in a relationship with the guy calling her 5 ormore times a day. In trying to figure out how to fix this I have found out the government knows of these so called scams and can’t prosecute because the “bad guys” are in Jamaica. A “source” from a checking cashing location has said these type of supicious transactions happen daily. With 50 states in the US – a nd my low ball math have 100 cities that have 100

  7. Donald says:

    Curtis. I went to med 7 urgent care in Folsom on Wednesday I have been having headaches for three days. I have no insurance. Anyway they checked my blood pressure and told me I needed to go to the emergency So I called a friend he picked me up we went. They charged me 127.00 dollars I called them they said they would send a email to there billing department to discuss this issue. I called the billing department and there telling me to call med7. They gave me the run around. I’m out 127.00 bucks just to tell me to go to the er. Can you help me. Don

  8. Amilia Blackwell says:

    I was contacted via facebook by Kurtis Ming regarding getting my contact info for housing information. I had replied to a post about current house situation and topics of conversation in our house. I want to make sure that I’m replying tithe correct person, not just a random(or hacked) facebook account. My email is above and my phone number if needed is 916-342-3892. I do have a friend who is a real estate short sale expert and I am currently in contact with regarding our next steps with our house. Feel free to contact me if needed.
    Thank you,
    Amilia Blackwell

  9. Tash Adams says:

    I’m sure you are inundated with emails but I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for helping little ole me with my issue. It was resolved. I strongly feel had it not been for your efforts, the issue would not have be resolved. I wish I could personally thank someone…thank you for the platform and all the people that makes this work.

  10. Roylene Moran says:

    I am concerned about Shake Ridge Rd in Amador County being closed. Your team came to my neighbors home and interviewed her and her husband. Several of us wanted to be there, but we didn’t know what time. My comment: The road is one of three narrow roads out of the area. An escape route. A way to us for firefighters from the Dew Drop Forestry Station. With the road closed the firemen will be greatly be delayed and it will be difficult at best for evacuation. There doesn’t seem to be a sense of urgency with the supervisors to correct the problem, and fire season is fast approaching. Roylene Moran

  11. Gabriel Curtis says:

    Hi Kurtis,

    I am writing to you because of a problem with my Comcast internet service. Comcast has placed a data usage cap of 1 terabyte onto our service. The problem is that the last 2 months we have gone over our 1 terabyte allotted amount by a significant volume. In the 6 months prior to this we were only using 200 to 300 gb a month. Comcast said that in the month of June we had used 2 Terabytes of data which seems impossible because there are only 2 people, my wife and I that use the internet. For every 50gb we go over a month Comcast will charge us $10 which is expensive! We don’t stream a lot of movies, play any video games, or use a lot of devices. We have done everything we could think of to fix this problem to no avail. I think this would make for a great news segment for your show and would strike a cord with your audience seeing as how many people are in the same boat as I am. We would be forever grateful if you and your team could help us out with our problem.

    Gabriel Curtis