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Stay connected to local news and video from CBS13 and CBS Sacramento wherever you go, with the brand new CBS Sacramento app. Download in the app store today!

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I currently have the CBS Local app. Will it automatically update?
No, you will need to download the new CBS Sacramento app.

Will I continue to receive breaking news push alerts?
At the end of May, we will be sending alerts exclusively to those who have signed up through the new CBS Sacramento app. When you open the app for the first time, you will be asked to enable notifications.

I can’t find the new app in the App Store or Google Play. How can I download it?
Open this page directly from your mobile device and click one of the links above to download and install.

Is this app free?

Can I watch the news on this app?
Yes! All newscasts on CBS13 will be streamed live through the app.

Do you have a weather app?
Yes! Download it here: Download For iPhone | Download For Android