By Michelle Ventress

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Belinda Popovich was kind enough to take time out of her busy day to share with me a little bit about her winter wardrobe. The 29-year-old Elk Grove Realtor (former pastry chef) favors comfortable clothing that work with her hectic schedule. Cool winter weather is the perfect opportunity for her to layer with fun jackets and scarves and break out her favorite boots.

What is your personal fashion style?
I like fuzzy, warm things in winter. Anything that is soft to the skin and has a nice feel to it.

Do you have a favorite store in Sacramento?
I used to shop a lot at Express, but now I shop at TJ Maxx in Elk Grove. I like it more than the other ones in the area –at least purse wise. They always have a great selection of purses there.

Do you change out purses for the seasons?
I have a different purse on a weekly basis – sometimes on a daily basis. Of course I change out for the seasons. My mom got me started on that years ago.


What is your favorite winter accessory?
I tend to wear watches more in the winter than in the summer. I like watches-I like men’s watches. I like the giant faces on them and it offers extra protection while Christmas shopping. I’ve been tempted to hit crazy Christmas shoppers with them! Besides the watches, I tend to like scarves too.

Do you have a favorite scarf?
I have so many scarves. And with my mother in law making me some now, I just have so many to choose from. It depends on what I’m wearing. I do have a really fuzzy scarf that I got from Express a while back
that I really like.

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Do you tend toward more neutral winter colors or do you spice things up with bright shades? I like to wear darker jeans in the winter, but I pair it with a military jacket and a pop of color underneath. You know, a military green jacket with a bright red scarf or something lavender. I like a pop of color with a purse especially. The purse has to be a cool color too.

What is your winter fashion must-have?
Boots. Riding boots. Any kind of boot, really, to go over skinny jeans.

Do you have a go-to winter business look?
Probably a cute tailored jacket with my boots and skinny pants. I have a zebra print jacket that’s water repellent, that’s perfect for wet weather. Or a leather jacket. I like those a lot too.

Michelle Ventress lives in Sacramento with her husband and two dogs. When she’s not writing or
traveling she enjoys spending time working in her garden and volunteering.


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