Judge Finds Aggressive Panhandling Law Violates First AmendmentBecause of the ruling, the city attorney is recommending throwing out the current law.
ACLU Says Facebook Allows Employers To Post Discriminatory AdsFacebook's ad targeting system is being used by some employers to unlawfully discriminate based on gender, a new complaint says.
Judge Says Reuniting Families Is Solely The Government's Burden, Not The ACLUThe judge punctured a government plan that put the onus on the American Civil Liberties Union.
School Suspends Teen Who Called Congressman, Dropped An F-Bomb While Demanding Action On GunsNoah Christiansen admits he could have used better language when he called his congressman's office and used the F-word to demand action on gun control.
Colin Kaepernick Honored With ACLU AwardAs Colin Kaepernick made his way to the podium, a surprised crowd broke into thunderous applause.
ACLU Sues Trump Over Transgender Military BanThe American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit challenging President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender individuals joining the military.
Police Departments Across US Amass Their Own DNA DatabasesPolice departments across the U.S. are amassing DNA databases that critics say skirt stringent laws and regulations that govern the nationwide DNA database and state crime labs.
ACLU Is Seeing A Surge In Members And DonationsThe nearly century-old American Civil Liberties Union says it is suddenly awash in donations and new members as it does battle with President Donald Trump over the extent of his constitutional authority, with nearly $80 million in online contributions alone pouring in since the election.
Google Launches Fund That Could Donate $4M To ACLU, OthersGoogle has created a crisis fund that could raise up to $4 million for four immigrant rights organizations.
Arden Mall's Ban On Teens Comes Under Fire From ACLUThe ACLU is criticizing Arden Fair Mall’s decision to ban teens who didn’t have adults with them on the day after Christmas.
California Ban On Ballot Selfies Stays On BooksCalifornia voters who want to share photos of their marked ballots in next week's election are out of luck.