Airbnb Sues Renter In House Party Shooting; Victim's Family Wants 'Justice For The Kids'Gunfire over the weekend at a house party turned violent is prompting Airbnb to take a drastic step.
In A First, Airbnb Takes Action Against Guest For PartyFor the first time, Airbnb is taking legal action against a guest for violating its ban on unauthorized parties.
Sacramento Leaders Consider Restricting Short-Term RentalsSome Sacramento city leaders are concerned about a bait and switch tactic, with developers saying they're going to build new apartments, then turning them into short-term hotel rentals.
Airbnb Party Ban In Wake Of Orinda Mass Shooting Means You Can No Longer Host 'Open Invites'In the wake of an Orinda mass shooting on Halloween night that left five victims dead, San Francisco-based Airbnb announced Thursday it was issuing a nationwide ban on rental use for "open invite" parties.
Airbnb Introduces New Rules To Rein In Parties, NuisancesAirbnb is taking more steps to crack down on parties and nuisance guests in the wake of a Halloween shooting at an Airbnb rental in a San Francisco suburb.
Deadly Carbon Monoxide Dangers At Vacation RentalsCarbon monoxide deaths at vacation rentals have become increasingly become a problem. At least 12 people have died over the last year.
Airbnb Bans 'Party Houses' After 5 Killed In Orinda ShootingAirbnb's CEO said the company was taking actions against unauthorized parties in the wake of a deadly shooting at a Halloween party held at an Airbnb rental home in California.
Barbie's Malibu Dreamhouse Will Be On Airbnb For $60 Per NightCall three friends, jump in the bubble gum pink Jeep, and hop on the Pacific Coast Highway. The Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse is available to rent.
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