Lifestyle Changes Improved Cognition In People At Risk For Alzheimers, StudyShowsA new study finds personalized lifestyle interventions not only stopped cognitive decline in people at risk for Alzheimer's, but actually increased their memory and thinking skills within 18 months.
Man With Alzheimer's Says His Disease Changed His ArtCarlos Luis Olivas Jr. said his Alzheimer's diagnosis is not slowing down his artistic flair. If anything, it's doing just the opposite. 
Women With Paying Jobs See Slower Memory Loss Later In Life, Study SaysHaving a paying job might shield women from memory loss decades later, according to a new study.
Eat Well, Exercise More: New Global Guidelines To Reduce Risk Of DementiaThere's no effective treatment for dementia, which affects 50 million people worldwide, but the World Health Organization says there's much can be done to delay or slow the onset and progression of the disease.
Seniors' Weakness For Scams May Be Warning Sign Of DementiaNew research suggests seniors who aren't on guard against scams also might be at risk for eventually developing Alzheimer's disease.
Lack Of Sleep Speeds Up Alzheimer’s Disease, Research ShowsNew research shows that sleep deprivation can speed up the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. The Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis also suggests that proper sleep can help maintain good brain health.
Blood Test Could Detect Alzheimer’s Up To 16 Years Before Symptoms Begin, Study SaysA simple blood test could predict if a patient will develop Alzheimer's disease up to 16 years before symptoms begin, a new study finds.
Former Attorney With Dementia Leading Charge For Alzheimer's CureLast summer, at just 64 years of age, Jackie Coleman joined a growing list of millions of Americans diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
Man With Alzheimer's Gets His Birthday Wish Granted In A Yellow CorvetteFrank Marhekfa has wanted to ride in a yellow Corvette for decades since he crashed his Corvette about 50 years ago, and he got to Thursday.
Scientists Say They Have Fixed The Gene Linked To Alzheimer's DiseaseScientists found that apoE4 is only slightly different from the gene apoE3 however, the protein it produces within the body is much more damaging to human brain cells.
Drug Trial Brings Hope Of Slowing Spread Of Alzheimer's DiseaseThe reach of the disease is staggering according to the Alzheimer’s Association, which says more than 5 million people in the United States have the disease.