Police Seize Medical Records Of Woman Seen Punched California Highway Patrol investigators have seized the medical records of a woman seen on video being repeatedly punched by one of its officers on the side of a Los Angeles freeway.
Sacramento Photographer Says Terrorism Officials Investigated Him Over Mural PhotoIn 2004, Prigoff says he tried to photograph a mural on a natural gas storage tank near Boston called the Rainbow Swash.
Calif. To Send Voter Forms To Insurance Enrollees California has agreed to mail voter registration cards to nearly 4 million people who signed up for insurance through the state's health care exchange.
California Prostitutes Win Victim CompensationCalifornia officials have voted to allow prostitutes to receive money from a victim compensation fund if they have been raped or beaten.
California Prostitutes May Gain Victim Compensation If Attacked By Pimp Or JohnUnder the current system, those harmed in violent crimes can be paid for medical costs and related expenses, but prostitutes are excluded because their activities are illegal.
Court To Consider California's DNA Collection LawA federal appeals court appeared ready last year to strike down as an unconstitutional invasion of privacy a controversial California law requiring police to collect DNA samples from every person arrested in the state.
Gavin Newsom Joining 2016 Push To Legalize Marijuana In CaliforniaIt’s not the first time Newsom has been outspoken on social issues. Newsom was at the forefront of the gay marriage issue, and his remarks were featured in ads by gay marriage opponents in the Proposition 8 campaign.