Dog With 13 Puppies Abandoned At Stockton Shelter Taken In By San Rafael FosterA San Rafael business has stepped up to foster 13 abandoned German Shepherd puppies and their mom after they were abandoned at a Stockton shelter.
Miranda Lambert Asking Fans To Donate To Happy Tails Pet SanctuaryA country music superstar is making sure her fans support a local animal shelter.
Woman Leaves Entire $1.2 Million Estate To Animal ShelterA Tennessee woman's $1.2 million estate has gone to the dogs — and cats, too.
California Inmates Helping Make Shelter Dogs More AdoptableCalifornia inmates say a new prison program rehabbing shelter dogs is helping them, too.
Help Pets Find Way Home By Updating Tags, MicrochipsThe Placer County SPCA takes in about 2,000 dogs a year – and only about 35 percent of them get reunited with their owners.
Small Dog With Severe Burns To Paws Brought To Sacramento Animal ShelterThe dog was brought to the front street shelter with what looks like severe burns to all four paws.
Sudden Rocklin Animal Shelter Closure Creates Adoption RushIt was a Wednesday morning they didn’t expect at the Rocklin Community Animal Shelter. The six employees at the small shelter were told it was their last day as the building’s owner say they weren’t going to renew the lease.
50 Small Dogs From Overcrowded Sacramento Animal Shelter Flown To IdahoFifty small dogs less than 20 pounds are available for adoption at the Idaho Humane Society.
Why Is Sacramento's Front Street Animal Shelter Adopting Animals Before They Are Fixed?A Sacramento animal shelter is defending its actions after being accused of violating the law by adopting some animals out before they’ve been spayed or neutered.
Local Animal Shelters Adopt Out Highest Number Of Pets In Nationwide Push Sacramento animal shelters topped the nation in pet adoptions last weekend.
California County Orders Pit Bulls SterilizedPit bulls and pit bull mixes be sterilized under the terms of a new ordnance in Riverside County.