Army Recruit's Leg Amputated After Contracting A Flesh-Eating Disease During Basic Training A Stockton family is calling for consequences after their son, a 21-year-old army recruit, contracted a rare flesh-eating disease. 
Asylum-Seekers In Caravan Won't Actually See Armed US Soldiers On BorderThe bulk of the troops are in Texas — hundreds of miles away from the caravan that started arriving this week in Tijuana on Mexico's border with California after walking and hitching rides for the past month.
Army Expelled 500 Immigrant Recruits In 1 Year, AP RevealsOver the course of 12 months, the U.S. Army discharged more than 500 immigrant enlistees who were recruited across the globe for their language or medical skills and promised a fast track to citizenship in exchange for their service, The Associated Press has found.
Woman Accused Of Going AWOL Says She Was Assaulted By SuperiorA 32-year-old woman is behind bars accused of deserting the army more than a decade ago. She claims she left after being allegedly assaulted by a superior and says she had no idea she was committing a crime.
2 Soldiers Rush To Protect American Flag During Intense Storm“Definitely felt the hail hitting us.”  Sgt. Jared Ferguson describes the moment when he and Sgt. Eric Barkhorn ran out into the storm to protect the flag, with winds so strong it snapped the flagpole in half.
Flags At Half-Staff For California Soldier Killed In Apparent Insider AttackFlags are flying at half-staff at the State Capitol Monday to honor an Army Corporal killed in Afghanistan.
Game Time Salute Honors Army Veteran Jerome "JT" TaylorFor Jerome "JT" Taylor, the Army provided him with more than just the opportunity to earn money for college, it also instilled within him the skills and values that would serve him well after his time in the service ended.
Army Employee Admits Trading Stolen Military Gear For MarijuanaThe U.S. Attorney's Office in Sacramento says 38-year-old Devon Gregory Biggs, formerly of Reno, Nevada, pleaded guilty Wednesday to theft of government property from the Sierra Army Depot in Herlong in Lassen County.
Hundreds Gather To Mourn Lodi Man Shot And Killed By PoliceHundreds of people gathered at a Sikh temple in Lodi to mourn and demand answers in the death of an Army veteran who was shot and killed by local police.
College Football Spotlight: Texas And Army Coaching Searches On Different Levels With Same Goal, Restore PrideArmy will never be a dominant force in college football the way Texas can be, but both programs have a special place in college football’s history. Seeing them each reach their expectations is capable if the right coach is brought in.
90-Year-Old Veteran Of WWII, Korea Reflects On Service, Nazi CaptureCBS13 spoke to a real, local American hero who reflected on his military service during WWII and talked about his family that’s still working to protect our country. Al Roehr was just a teenager when he volunteered for world war two, later becoming a prisoner of war and a recipient of the bronze star. He says he was just 18 in 1943 when he volunteered to take on the Nazis. At the time, Germany was getting pounded by the US and its allies, and Roehr was in the 513th Parachute Infantry. He says he wouldn't have it any other way. "Well it was new for me because I'd never been in an airplane before," said Roehr. His unit's mission was to travel behind enemy lines and sniff out Nazis. "We were attacking the Germans in a mountainous, hilly forest," he said.