How Has Legalizing Marijuana Impacted Illegal Pot Grows?California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced a spike in arrests for illegal marijuana grows Monday. 
California, New York City Suing United States Postal Service For Delivering Foreign CigarettesCalifornia's Attorney General filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the United States Postal Service for delivering millions of foreign cigarettes to California residents.
Charity For Troops Overseas Fights Deception Allegation From Attorney General A charity sending care packages to U.S. troops overseas. Now being sued by their own state.
Attorney General Calls For Sexual Assault Victims Of Mexico Mega Church To Come Forward Attorney General Xavier Becerra is calling for potential abuse victims to come forward. 
California Lawsuit Accuses Charity Of Misspending DonationsCalifornia has sued the charity Aid for Starving Children, alleging the nonprofit used the bulk of its donations for administrative purposes, with only a tiny percentage going to feed hungry kids.
California & 15 States Sue Trump Administration Over National Emergency DeclarationA coalition of attorneys general from 16 states sued the Trump administration Monday over President Trump's declaration of a national emergency.
'Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied': Stephon Clark's Family Shocked At DA's Decision To Delay Investigative ResultsAlmost a year after Stephon Clark was shot and killed in his grandmother's backyard, his family is still looking for answers from the District Attorney on whether they will prosecute the officers involved in the shooting. 
DOJ Finds African American, Latino, And Students With Disabilities Were Mistreated At Stockton School DistrictCalifornia Attorney General Xavier Becerra addressed accusations of mistreatment to students in the Stockton Unified School District Tuesday. 
7 People Arrested, 9 Others Wanted For $1 Million Scheme To Rob Apple Stores Across Californiaeven people have been arrested and nine others are being sought after in connection with a robbery scheme targeting Apple retail stores that resulted in the loss of over $1 million. 
California Prepares Lawsuit Over Family Separation PolicyThere are hundreds of children detained at the border, whose parents still have no idea where they have been placed tonight.