Bacon May Disappear In California As Pig Rules Take EffectNo more bacon? Unless the courts intervene or the state temporarily allows non-compliant meat to be sold in the state, California will lose almost all of its pork supply, much of which comes from Iowa, and pork producers will face higher costs to regain a key market.
Study: Eating Just 1 Slice Of Bacon Daily Linked To Increased Risk Of Colon CancerEating even a moderate amount of red or processed meat is linked with an increased risk of colorectal (bowel) cancer, according to a new study published Wednesday.
Why Is Bacon So Addictive?If foods were granted awards, bacon wouldn't rank high for healthfulness, but it might win top prize in the favorite foods category.
Bacon Vending Machine Installed At UniversityThe vending machine has turned out to be even more popular than expected. It has to be restocked four or five times a day and offers cooked bacon strips and bacon bits for $1.
'Bring Home The Bacon': Academic Says Expressions Referencing Meat Will Become Less PopularPhrases such as "bring home the bacon" and "killing two birds with one stone" will go out of fashion to avoid offending animal lovers, an academic claims in a new article.
Dominique DeVito's Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf RecipeDominique DeVito shares her recipe for bacon-wrapped meatloaf from her book "Low-Card Slow Cooking," out now from Cider Press Mill.
Woman Accused Of Using Bacon To Set Fire At Ex-Boyfriend’s HouseA Utah woman accused of using a pound of bacon to start a fire in her ex-boyfriend's house will stand trial on arson charges.
Prices Of Breakfast Staples Will Increase In Coming MonthsPork prices are expected to spike this summer, because of a mysterious virus that’s killed between 4 million and 5 million piglets in the United States since June.
Annual Festival Draws Bacon Lovers To Midtown RestaurantsBacon lovers are in hog heaven pigging out on pork during midtown Sacramento's annual Bacon Fest.
Gridiron Grub: Big Apple BurgersYou don't have to live in the Big Apple to enjoy the immense taste of it. Even if the Giants aren't your team, Big Apple Burgers will taste great to fans from all regions.
Gridiron Grub: Did Someone Say Bacon?