101-Year-Old Believes Secret To Longevity Is Daily Coors LightHe’s a family man but one of his favorite things in the world these days is his four o’clock Coors Light.
Study: Climate Change To Cause Global Beer Shortage, Price SpikeBeer is the prom king of alcoholic beverages, winning the popularity contest in terms of total volumes drunk.
Police: Woman Angry Over Being Denied Beer Threw Down InfantPolice say a North Carolina woman has been arrested after she threw her 1-year-old child to the ground after being denied a beer.
Runner Sets 'Beer Mile' Record, Disqualified For Not Drinking Enough BeerThe winner of a one-mile race for beer drinkers was disqualified after race officials determined that the runner didn't drink enough during his run.
In-N-Out Burger Sends Brewery Beer Friendly ‘Cease And Desist’ LetterA Bay Area brewery has been sent an order to cease and desist by the In-N-Out restaurant chain for its beer, In-N-Stout, that has a strong brand resemblance to the restaurant.
'Drunk And Irritable' Wasps Are Rampaging Through Britain, Experts SayThe European nation is in the middle of the summer frenzy for wasps, as experts explain that the insects have started feeding on "fermented fruit and leftover pub ciders."
Scientists Create First Beer Brewed From CannabisAs the restrictions on marijuana continue to be loosened, scientists in Canada have reportedly developed the first beer brewed from cannabis.
Why Aren't Americans Drinking American-Made Beer?More Americans are putting down Buds and Coors, instead grabbing wine, liquor, Corona and Michelob.
Woman Catches Foul Ball At MLB Game In Cup Of Beer, Proceeds To Chug It
Florida Man Asks About Consequences Of Stealing Beer, Quickly LearnsA Florida man asked the store clerk, "What would happen if I stole some beer?" Police say Christopher Maxwell soon found out.
Forget Craft Beer; Next Craze Is Non-Alcoholic BrewsWhen craft beer super fan Steve Dass gave up alcohol for health reasons, he went looking for a quality non-alcoholic substitute.