FAA: Bird Strikes On Helicopters Up But Safeguards Lag
Birds Flock To Natomas Parking Lot To The Dismay Of ShoppersA Natomas parking lot is having trouble solving a bird roosting problem.
Fairfield Bird Rescue Treating Growing Number Of Sick Seabirds; Warmer Water To Blame?It’s dinnertime at International Bird Rescue in Fairfield. The feather-friendly facility is packed with murres, birds that live their whole lives in the ocean and are rarely seen by humans.
Why Are Hundreds Of Birds Perched On Natomas Power Lines?Birds of a feather are certainly flocking together on three power lines in Natomas, just off of westbound Interstate 80.
Egret Invasion: Natomas Neighborhood Facing Bird Droppings, Birds DroppingThe next time you’re in Natomas, especially in front of the River Glen Apartment Complex, you may want to look up, and it’s not to dodge rain drops.
Non-Profit Bird Sanctuary Running Low On Funds May Have To Euthanize AnimalsThey're a non-profit animal sanctuary with the mission of rehabilitating and releasing local wildlife. But now the Wildlife Care Association may be forced to euthanize the same animals they've rescued.
26 Days Later: Miracle Duckling Hatches From Dead Mother's EggX-rays showed the duck had a broken spine, but also something else—an egg ready to be laid. Unfortunately, the mama was hurt too badly to make it, but vets removed the egg and hoped for the best.
Caltrans Trying To Lure Nesting Birds To New Bay BridgeIn the steel rafters of the old Bay Bridge, a flock of fowl you may never have noticed has built its home; but those homes will have to come down as the old section of roadway is replaced.
Dog-Friendliest Workplaces In SacramentoStudies show that having pets in the workplace can be a win-win for both employees and for the company for which they work.
Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Hitting Bird At Sacramento International Airport A Southwest Airlines flight has landed safely after hitting a bird at Sacramento International Airport.
Birds Are Back At Natomas Shopping CenterThe little black birds are everywhere at a Natomas shopping center and they are leaving their mark.