Burglar Breaks Into Escape Room, Calls 911 When He Can't EscapePolice say a burglar in Washington state got more than he bargained for when he broke into an "escape room" and (ironically) couldn't escape.
Burglar Collected Rent After Breaking Into Home, Police SayA burglar in Washington state has been charged with not only breaking into a vacationing family's home, but also renting it out to unsuspecting tenants.
Video Shows Terrifying Encounter Between Teenage Girl And BurglarBefore leaving he opened the closet door-and the two came face to face. The moment, terrifying the teen. The surveillance camera captured her shrieking, as he yelled back.
Sheriff Asking For Help To Identify Auburn Tip Jar ThiefDeputies in Placer County are investigating a burglary that happened over the weekend at an Auburn business.
Police: Burglar Breaks Into School, Gets Stuck In Elevator And Calls 911Authorities say a burglar who broke into a middle school got stuck on an elevator and was forced to call 911 for help.
Christmas Burglar Injured By Homeowner With ShotgunNathanael Blair went to the garage to move his truck early Christmas morning and was surprised by a ski mask-wearing burglar who threw a pipe wrench at him, hitting him in the jaw and neck.
Police Search For Man Accused Of Stealing Computer From Rancho Cordova BusinessPolice are asking for information leading to the arrest of a burglar who stole a computer from a Rancho Cordova business last week.
Man Comes Home To Find Burglar Asleep On His Couch A Sacramento man came home just after 8 p.m. Sunday to find a stranger asleep on his couch.
Copper Thief Causes Flooding At Business In West SacramentoAn attempted burglary caused a building to flood over the weekend. The incident happened on Sunday at an industrial building on Del Monte Street.
Man Overpowers 12-Yr-Old Intruder, Ties Him To Chair With Phone CordA Sacramento man says he overpowered a burglar in his home and tied him up with a telephone cord, only to find out the suspect was 12-years-old.
Would-Be Burglary Suspect Arrested In SacramentoA burglary was foiled in Sacramento today. Police say the suspect was trying to break into a home on Cosumnes River Road when the homeowner dialed 911.